Doctor Bridget is a human character from the Robots in Disguise continuity family.

Who wouldn't want to be trapped alone in the dark with her?

Doctor Bridget is apparently a friend of Koji Onishi's father, Doctor Onishi. What her job actually is has yet to be determined, but man, she can do whatever she wants.

Note: Doctor Bridget's name was not given in the dialogue of the English Robots in Disguise dub. Her name is taken from the Car Robots version of the series.


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: ? (English), ? (Japanese)

After his father was kidnapped, Koji spent a brief time with Doctor Bridget, staying with her at (or near) the Los Bogus desert resort hotel. Together, the two visited Sherman Dam, a hydro-electric power dam near the Los Bogus resort. The dam was subsequently attacked by Scourge and the Commandos, causing the nearby city's power to go out. Koji and Bridget were trapped in the darkened dam control room throughout the duration of the assault.

The Autobots ultimately foiled Megatron's plot to blow up the dam, and all was well again. It is unknown how much longer Koji stayed with Dr. Bridget before returning home. Commandos

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