Dr. Arkeville is a Decepticon-allied human from the Generation One continuity family.

Doctor Arkeville is a self-proclaimed Evil Genius who often allies himself with the Decepticons, but whose only true allegiance is to himself. The nature and history of his mechanical attachments and limbs have never been explained. Like all mad scientists, Dr. Arkeville has designs to rule the planet Earth. Also like all mad scientists, his success rate is sorely lacking.

Note: Dr. Arkeville's name is sometimes spelled "Archeville".


The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Casey Kasem (English), Chikao ShiroyamaToshirō Ishii (Japanese), Edgar Fruitier (Canadian French)

Heavy metal yarmulke

Dr. Arkeville was offered the chance to rule the world by Megatron, in exchange for the Decepticons using his hypno-chips to hypnotize humans to use as slaves. When Megatron revealed the first part of his plan to Arkeville — to transport Cybertron into Earth's orbit via space bridge and create energon from the natural disasters it would cause — Arkeville was hesitant. Megatron just ordered him to send his slaves to defend the space bridge from the Autobots, who refused to fight back against humans. The Ultimate Doom, Part 1

However, when Soundwave used his audio disruptor waves, the hypno-chips malfunctioned and the slaves escaped. Arkeville told Megatron he needed new ones, and the Decepticons started abducting people from around the world to collect energon from the disasters. When Megatron sent one slave to Cybertron, Arkeville told him that he couldn't control his slaves if they weren't on Earth, but got the response that his control computer had already been replicated on Cybertron. The Ultimate Doom, Part 2


"I'll get that Mega Man if it's the last thing I do!"

Arkeville then heard about another plan of Megatron's: to let tidal waves slam into some of his generators, creating large amounts of energon. He protested as this would drown all the slaves working near the generators, but Megatron just mocked him and added that he should stay away from Cybertron. Arkeville started pondering if Starscream may be the ally he really wanted. Whether or not he made a decision didn't matter, as Starscream just kidnapped him after Megatron had left him to drown in the tidal waves with his slaves. Starscream proceeded to drain energy from Arkeville's brain so he could power himself up and take control of the Decepticons, but was discovered by Megatron. Luckily for him, the remaining slaves started malfunctioning due to the Autobots' tampering, which distracted Megatron and let Starscream escape with Arkeville. The Ultimate Doom, Part 3


Resistance is... whatever.

Starscream and Arkeville took off to Arkeville's secret lab (which was opened by Arkeville saying "Open Sesame"), where the doctor warned Starscream not to mess with his Exponential Generator, as it could destroy Earth. Starscream promptly programmed the generator to reach its maximum capacity in eight hours, planning to absorb the energy from the planet's destruction. Arkeville didn't like this idea one bit, and suggested that he stay behind and make sure "nothing goes wrong", only to be knocked down and brought along to Cybertron. Out of Starscream's sight, Arkeville tried to stop the generator via computer, only to receive a non-lethal electric shock and falling unconscious. He later woke up strapped to a table, having been almost completely rebuilt into a cyborg body by Medicroids in order to save his life. Countdown to Extinction

Note: He never appeared in the series again after the episode "Countdown to Extinction".


A member of the Concurrence, a cabal of influential humans dedicated to ridding Earth of the Transformers, Dr. Arkeville used a combination of his hypno-chip technology along with Bombshell's cerebro-shells to take control of several members of the Binaltech project. The Concurrence then forced them to revive Decepticons injured by Swindle's Cosmic Rust as Binaltechs. They intended to use the Decepticon Binaltechs to eliminate the Autobots and then vanquish the remaining Decepticons, turning the solar system into a Robot-Free "resort".

Unknown to the Concurrence, Dr. Arkeville had his own agenda (surprise, surprise). Over many years and with stolen technology, Dr. Arkeville constructed a Binaltech warrior of his own, meant to be the greatest military commander in history: Nemesis Prime. To ensure that his creation be powerful enough to counter any Autobot threat, Arkeville managed to tap into an extra-spatial power source. During the construction of Nemesis Prime, a mysterious Autobot spark hijacked his creation. Nemesis Prime eventually rejected the spark and returned to Arkeville via AI control, where Arkeville granted it life through the power source he had discovered.

Kiss Players

One night, the disembodied spirit of Starscream possessed the E.D.C. Kiss Player Atari Hitotonari. The ghostly Decepticon forced the young girl to go to Dr. Arkeville, who built him a new body from a fighter jet that the scientist had previously stolen. Kiss Players



  • Starscream (2006)
The Masterpiece Starscream toy released by TakaraTomy included a small, immobile Dr. Arkeville figurine scaled to fit in its cockpit. The figurine is almost entirely bare green plastic, save for his lab coat, which is painted white.
  • Skywarp (2007)
A redeco of Starscream, Masterpiece Skywarp includes the same Arkeville pilot figurine as Starscream, except cast in black plastic. The sole white paint application remains.


  • Masterpiece Starscream (2007)
An exclusive, cartoon-themed redeco of Masterpiece Starscream sold in Wal-Mart stores again included the Arkeville figure, which this time featured a fleshtone paint application for his face.


  • Ironically enough, even though Arkeville spent much of his time conspiring with Megatron, he was featured in two Starscream figures and a Skywarp figure. Maybe he was incognito or something.
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