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Masterforce cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Yuuji Mikimoto (Japanese)
Italian Tv dub name: Interceptor
Russian TV dub name: Volnorez (Волнорез) ("Breakwater")

After the Decepticon Pretenders were sealed away, the Autobot Pretenders went their separate ways. Diver eventually came to live in the United States and worked as a marine biologist in California.

Diver later on explained to Hydra and Buster Pretenders' role and why they chose to reside on Earth, but his speech was taken by the Darkwing brothers as sappy and worthless. Soon after, Diver was facing near-certain death when he was saved by a re-energized Ginrai fusing with his Transtector.

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Masterforce mangaEdit



  • Diver (Pretender, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-303
    • Accessories: 2-piece Pretender shell, helmet, belt, axe, rifle
Diver is almost physically identical to the Hasbro Pretender Waverider, transforming into a Cybertronian sea skimmer. In this mode, his hand-held rifle becomes a roof-mounted weapon.
His Pretender shell is a human in bulky black robotic armor, which can store his robot mode inside. The helmet and belt are used to help keep the shell locked closed. The shell also has the only noteworthy difference between Diver and Waverider; Diver's human head has brown hair, while Waverider is a blonde.

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