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Specifics: Cosmo toy, fictional appearances
The name or term Divebomb refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Divebomb (disambiguation).

Divebomb has no glaring weaknesses, although his desire to retreat when things get ugly is not a characteristic highly valued by his field commander Scorponok (though it REALLY should be). More than any other Terrorcon, he has a better sense of when to pull his troops before they get toasted. A driven and fierce warrior, he is armed with razor-sharp energon blades that combine into a giant, boomerang-type weapon.

Japanese name: Shadow Hawk


Energon cartoon continuty

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Dreamwave comics continuity

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Energon Divebomb toy

Partly metal, partly...uh, also metal.

  • Divebomb (Basic, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-08
    • Accessories: Left & right energon blades, Energon star
Divebomb transforms into a white, robotic hawk with translucent green energon blade pieces attached to his neck and an energon star attached onto his spark crystal. The wings can further open up to reveal translucent green energon "feathers". The energon blade pieces can be held in his claws as either blades or guns, and both parts can be combined together to form an "Ultimate Energon Weapon" hooked blade "Energy Raiden".
A running-change retool was made to the Hasbro Divebomb. Early versions of Divebomb had the right energon blade end with a rather hard pointed spike (as seen in the official photography), which was changed to a 5mm peg-handle (likely for safety reasons). These early versions also have small ridges on the weapons' connector pegs, as well as notches on the robot's bird-head weapon sockets, designed to keep the weapon firmly in place. For unknown reasons, these were retooled to be perfectly round pegs and sockets along with the removal of the pointy spike. As far as can be told, only the two-handled toy was released in Japan.
This mold was also used to make Timelines Buzzsaw and Laserbeak.


  • Shadow Hawk Cosmo Type (Basic, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-13
    • Accessories: Left & right energon blades, Energon star
This redeco of Divebomb was a somewhat-limited retail release during Super Link, and arguably the hardest to come across (for a time, at least; apparently many surfaced at blowout prices towards the end of the line's retail run). The character was known in the American Energon cartoon as Blackout, but was never released by Hasbro as part of the Energon toyline.

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