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Dispensor is one of the several Constructicons who transforms into a Mountain Dew vending machine. He came online during the battle of Mission City. If anyone wants a soda, he will just drop it into his tray in dispenser mode or kill them by firing a can straight into their stomach. Either way, they will still get their Mountain Dew.


Transformers (film)

Dispensor in Mission City

When Sam Witwicky accidentally activated the All Spark during his flight from the Decepticons in Mission City, the artifact's radiation animated an SUV and its steering wheel, an Xbox 360 and a Mountain Dew soda machine into robots. Dispensor has an arm-mounted can-cannon. You might think this is pretty ridiculous, but unopened soda cans are much less delicious and refreshing when used as high-speed projectiles. (Plus, the drinks will be all frothy, and if you wait all the bubbles disappear.)

Shortly after the battle ended, Dispensor ambushed and attacked Sam, managing to hit him with one soda can before being stomped on and destroyed by Ratchet. Ratchet strongly disapproved of his soft drink of choice. Alliance issue 1


Transformers (2007)

Robot heroes Dispensor

Robot Heroes

  • Ironhide vs. Dispensor (2008)
Dispensor is included in a Robot Heroes two-pack along with a somersaulting Mission City battle Ironhide. He is branded as a Decepticon, and of course, has no Mountain Dew markings on him at all. All four of his arms have swivel articulation at the shoulder (or equivalent).
  • Movie advanced Ad11 Dispensor (2014)

Takara Ad14 Dispensor.jpg

Released only by Takara as part of their "Movie Advanced" toy lineup, this is the only version of a transforming Dispensor toy. He is a Redeco of the deluxe class Payload toy with a new head sculpt and accessory. Dispensor's accessory is his arm mounted can-cannon, it can be attached onto his arm or detached. He transforms into a truck stylised to look like a Mountain-Dew bottle delivary truck. His Mountain-Dew logo actually says "Mood Whiplash" instead. (Most likely for Trademark Reasons.) Because he is a redeco of Payload, he also shares the attack claw Gimmick which is activated by pushing a long bar that juts out of the back into his body which forces out the claw and opens & closes.


  • The name "Dispensor" was first suggested to Greg Lombardo, Hasbro's head of Marketing for Transformers, by Daniel "Suspsy" Suh during a tour of Hasbro's offices at BotCon 2007. Later that same weekend, Suh shouted out the name during one of the Hasbro panels.
  • According to CineFex magazine, the inclusion of Dispensor into the film was a last minute addition and all the modeling and animation for it was done in only four weeks!
  • Titan Magazines' Transformers Comic issue 7 features an Allspark-animated soda can machine, but it's not clear if it is supposed to be Dispensor, or if it's another one that we didn't see before that was just inspired by Dispensor's appearance in the film. It sure as heck doesn't look like Dispensor, but with this art...
  • Dispensor's place as a member of the Mountain Dew Robots is unclear. He may qualify simply by being a, uh, Mountain Dew robot. However, what little we know about the Mountain Dew Robots comes from Dewbot, whose origin is unknown. The MDRs may be a group of alien robots who took on Mountain Dew disguises, whereas Dispensor is a Real Gear Robot who was born on Earth.
  • Dispensor is surprisingly big considering he's a vending machine. Uh-oh...
  • He's also rather popular among fans.
  • Dispensor's movement and animation was based on "MoCap" performer and 3D artist, Michael Maker
  • Dispensor's head slightly resembles that of Megatron, while he has four arms and manibles like Frenzy, Optimus Prime's feet, and a cannon resembling that belonging to Ironhide. Seriously, does he even have any parts to him that don't belong to someone else?
    • Well... he has his faction insignia as "Mountain Dew" on his chest.

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