Dispatch (originally Free Roam) is a PvE "open-world" mode (1-10 players) in Transformers: Universe.


  • Access Dispatch mode by heading into the outer base area from the exit in the inner base.
  • There are a wide selection of rotating missions which vary in size and scope, involving item collection, killing and repairing NPCs, and fighting bosses.
  • Dispatch missions award players independently, introducing a competitive element, though some missions also require teamwork.

Locate Energon deposits and mine them to accrue more Energon



  • Scan for Energon deposits by pressing the 7 key while driving around the map, then press the F key at a site to deploy a mining probe. Mining may awaken Terrorcons, so be on your guard.
  • There is a limit to how much Energon you can carry, and you will lose it if you die - remember to deposit your collected Energon at the Deposit Points located around the map.
  • Use the Hangar Uplink points to quickly access your Hangar and deploy a different warrior.
  • Use Energon to activate Repair Stations if you need to heal.
  • Equip your warrior with higher-grade mining probes to maximize your Energon haul.
  • Dispatch missions are an ideal place to hone your skills and learn the abilities of your warriors


  • Tips and rules are directly from the Game guide on the official Transformers Universe website
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