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The Wreckers versus... TENTACLES!

Heading to a new world, the Wreckers meet a Quintesson, who gives them a shocking history lesson.

Transformers Universe Featuring the Wreckers > Issue # 3
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The Wreckers issue #3[]

Story and Script: Rob Gerbracht
Pencils: Guido Guidi
Inks: Vince Russell, Chuck Gibson
Colors: Blond
Letters: Simon Bowland
Post production and assist: Glen Hallit Art Director: Dan Khanna

  • Major characters (in order of appearance): Apelinq, Tigatron, Ramulus
  • Minor characters (in order of appearance):
  • Originally published: Summer 2004


Text Prologue
In a War Journal entry, Apelinq voices his worries over the abstract, mystical nature of their mission, and the still-enigmatic Primal Prime, who despite his heritage lacks the experience which brought previous Primes to true greatness.

Main story


Prime, can't you shut up for five seconds? We're having a moment here.

Ramulus and Tigatron find Apelinq lamenting their recent losses. Tigatron councils acceptance of their destiny; Ramulus is more interested in payback on their betrayers. Elsewhere, the Autobots are still helping the locals recover from the loss of the Divine Light; CatSCAN reports that Rotorbolt and Fractyl are both stabilized. Nearby, Primal Prime struggles with his own doubts, but finds faith in the Oracle and his predestined path. Prime announces liftoff at dawn the next day, and says that the Oracle has given him their destination. Rodimus and Apelinq are both losing patience with the mysteriousness of their mission.

The next morning, Glyph announces her intention to remain behind on Archa Nine; she has nothing further to offer the Wreckers. Tap-Out is reluctant to leave her alone... until CatSCAN offers to remain behind as well. The two share a short, sad farewell as the Wreckers board their ship and lift off, headed for a new star system.

On New Quintessa, the Quintessons and Cryotek hold negotiations in a techno-garden (adorned with an oddly barbed growth). The Quints demand that Cybertron be delivered to them forthwith. Cryotek assures them that though the Oracle no longer functions, Cybertron's recent reformatting Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future leaves the planet ready for them to take possession. Oh, and he's not done with the Wreckers yet, either...

Skywarp lands the Wreckers' ship on an icy world, not far from the only reading on the planet. Prime orders an immediately deployment, overriding Apelinq's call for caution -- "Every moment lost is a moment used against us." Miles later, they find a Quintesson who introduces himself as Al-Badur. Despite tensions, the Quint agrees to give a short history lesson.

The Quintessons once worked for Unicron, searching the galaxy for the whereabouts of Primus. The Quints, however, saw the chance to use Primus's "dimensional landing" for profit. They moved onto Cybertron, and created various barriers between the power of Primus and the "children" Primus sought to protect. Their first attempt at control of Primus was the Plasma energy chamber, and the resultant creations were uncontrollable. Later attempts centered on controlling Cybertron itself, and Vector Sigma -- "the ultimate physical embodiment of your fabled Primus". They created a shell program to conceal Vector Sigma's power and guidance from its creations; thus Cybertron became a profitable enterprise. The Quints who had controlled Vector Sigma warned the rest of Primus's true power... and were suitably rewarded, banished through space and time. Al-Badur long anticipated the rebellion of their creations; the proof stands before him now.

Apelinq and Prime share a stunning realization -- the Oracle is the very shell program created by the Quintessons. Vector Sigma itself spoke to Primal Prime, however, breaking through the Quintesson shell, that the Wreckers might keep the Divine Light out of Quintesson hands. The Wreckers bargain with Al-Badur: he'll tell them of the Divine Light's origins, if they'll get him off this Primus-forsaken planet.

The bargain is made in good time: a horde of Sharkticons arrives and attacks, attempting to reach Al-Badur. The Wreckers make quick work of them, however. At the shuttle, Al-Badur is repulsed by Tigatron, who "reeks of the Vok". The Vok's existence is "an aberration to our kind and yours", the Quintesson explains, and warns that they will eventually shatter the Maximals' delusions of friendship. Al-Badur is further surprised to find a Decepticon among the crew; Skywarp explains that he's returning a favor -- Decepticon honor. After lift-off, Al-Badur explains the Divine Light is a prism that grants direct access to Primus's power, channeling it into the crystal's bearer. Apelinq recognizes the circuit patterns of the weapons they recovered from the Sharkticons -- he last saw them in a research facility on Cybertron.

On the other end of the galaxy, Devcon is having a drink and a Cyber-wench aboard Spaceport CSSB-16. He's been tracking Cyclonus, but it looks like things may be more than he can handle alone, so he's asking for help -- from the Dinobots.


  • When Rodimus tells Glyph that they can't just leave her behind, he's shown addressing his words to Tap-Out.

Items of note[]

  • Tap-Out's loyalty to Glyph is touching and sincere, yet there does not appear to be any romantic feeling between them -- maybe a first for a female Transformer.
  • Cryotek's vaunted "second strike" on the Wreckers turned out to be pretty weak -- a pack of Sharkticons that they obliterate in about ten seconds.
  • The tattered survivors of the Dinobots include T-Wrecks, Triceradon, Dinotron, and Terranotron. The unpublished fourth issue of Wreckers would have revealed that Airaptor, Rapticon and Magmatron all died in combat with the Dweller, while Striker simply disappeared into thin air. The Universe book picks up Striker's fate; he was abducted by Unicron, and converted into one of his Generals.