Discharge is a Micromaster from the Operation Combination and Micromaster Collection portions of the Generation One continuity family.

Built like a brick sh-...

Discharge is a member of the Turbo Team, six urban-operations Micromasters who can combine to form Sixturbo. Discharge specializes in firefighting. The Turbo Team fight alongside the Guard City team and other Micromasters to protect the Earth from the forces of the mighty Decepticon führer Scrash.

In an alternate-timeline/universe, Discharge is a female Transformer whose heat-resistant armor hides her true appearance even from most allies. She normally eschews battle. However, when angered, she can really do some damage. She is an expert in firefighting and rescue missions, putting everything she has into them.

She also has one of the most awkward names ever.

(Note: Since the Discharge of "Operation Combination" had no bio information whatsoever, it is unknown if the "Micromaster Collection" bio is retroactive, applying to the original version as well, though many fans treat it as such.)


Operation: Combination story pagesEdit

Discharge never appears as an individual, only as a component to Sixturbo's robot mode.

Micromaster Collection StoryEdit

Like most of the Turbo Team, Discharge was infected with the Reverse Evolution virus, presumably though contact with Road Police, Circuit, Neo-Wheel, or Glide. The virus turned her into a Decepticon, and she went about causing random destruction with her teammates. Sireen tricked Discharge and the others into combining with him to form Sixturbo, then restored them all to normal with an antivirus program.

Later, when the Decepticons were digging at the foot of a dormant volcano for unknown reasons, Discharge hypothesized that they were trying to make the volcano erupt. Apparently she was incorrect.

At some point, San Diego had plans to marry Discharge (!) as a result of his interest in human culture, but this wedding ultimately never happened.


Operation: CombinationEdit

  • Sixturbo (Micromaster Sixteam, 1992)
The original version of Discharge was available only as part of a Sixturbo gift set in Japan. Aside from the fire truck mode, Discharge can form either leg of any of the similar-build Six-Teams (Sixturbo, Sixbuilder or Sixwing). The original Six-Teams are considered among the more difficult Japanese Generation One pieces to find.
Discharge uses the same mold as Universe Red Alert.
The connector socket for Sixturbo's foot-plate is approximately 5mm wide, making Discharge compatible with Powerlinx plugs, though the placement is awkard in most instances.

Micromaster CollectionEdit

  • Discharge (Micromaster, 2002)
In 2002, the entire Sixturbo team was re-released as part of the "Micromaster Collection", in individual boxes with a number visible to show which mold was inside each box. For this release, all of the decals from the original version were replaced with paint applications. Discharge came with the left foot to Sixturbo in this release.
In every case of twelve Turbo Team Micromasters, two of them were solid-black-plastic "Reverse Evolution" Decepticon-allied variations. All six Micromasters were available in this manner.

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