Disaster! The Autobot Base Explodes is the thirty-third episode of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. It first aired in Japan on December 13, 1988 on Nippon TV.



With God Ginrai trapped in battle with Overlord and Decepticon forces swarming the Autobots' base, catastrophe seems unavoidable.


With the Autobots in disarray thanks to the machinations of the Decepticon mole Clouder, Giga unleashes "Operation: Dark Base of the Lighthouse" and initiates an all-out attack on the Autobots' undermanned headquarters. Heavy fire from Overlord's base mode and attacks from the Headmaster Juniors cripple the Autobots' defense systems, causing fires to spread throughout the complex. Minerva is horrified to discover that the captive Clouder's cell is amongst the blocks that has caught fire and rushes to activate the sprinkler systems and save him, even as her comrades attempt to extinguish the other fires. Metalhawk tries to monitor the damage done to the base when another missile strike hits the control room and the computers explode in his face, knocking him unconscious.

Miles from the base, in a city, Ginrai and Godbomber are busy battling Hydra and Buster, totally unaware of the threat their teammates are facing. Lasers, kicks and beams of Chokon Power are exchanged until the Godmaster brothers merge into Darkwings for an aerial attack. Ginrai downs them with a massive blast of Tenchokon Power, but as they spiral out of the sky in a smoking wreck, the voices of Mega and Giga crackle over Ginrai's comm-link. The Decepticon leaders are beginning the second stage of the attack, for which Ginrai must be present, and they alert him to the situation at the Autobot base. After quickly instructing Ranger and Road King to remain behind and continue the rescue operations in the city, Ginrai heads back to aid his friends with Godbomber and Lightfoot in tow.

Back at the base, the Autobot Headmaster Juniors have hooked up Metalhawk to medical equipment, but Minerva sees the situation as hopeless and suggests that they abandon their headquarters. Shūta opposes the idea, as the base is his father's creation. Thankfully, they gain a momentary respite from the enemy bombardment when Ginrai and company arrive, prompting Overlord to transform to robot mode to take on the Autobot leader directly. In the midst of their battle, Overlord sends a transmission to the waiting King Poseidon, who separates into his component Seacon parts. As Overlord cackles that phase two has begun, the Seacons burrow their way through the mountain and swarm into the heart of the Autobots' base! The whole mountain quakes and begins to crumble as they tear through its structure, heading for the magma energy converter that is its central power core. A Lobclaw rips into the converter, causing it to explode, cutting power to the base. Clouder finds that the shackles holding him have deactivated, but he is promptly buried in rubble as Turtler seals off all the entrances to the complex, leaving everyone inside trapped.

Meanwhile, Ginrai and Overlord continue their battle, and Ginrai merges with Godbomber finally to bring Overlord down. Just then, Lightfoot radios Ginrai, informing him that the entire base will explode within ten minutes and that the other Autobots are trapped inside. Overlord gloats that although he may have been defeated in battle, the true objective of the mission, the destruction of the Autobot base, which Ginrai failed to recognize, will succeed. Angry over his own short-sightedness, Ginrai directs Lightfoot and the others to gather on the top level of the structure, and they do so, with Minerva pausing to unearth Clouder and take him with them in the process. Once at the highest point, they gather in front of a large, reinforced viewing window and watch as Ginrai God-Punches Overlord to the ground, disconnects from Godbomber, and aims the God Cannon...at the base! Ginrai blasts open a fissure leading right to the magma converter, partially allowing its building energy to escape, delaying the explosion long enough for Godbomber to fly up and airlift the Autobots to safety. Then, Ginrai picks up Overlord and hurls him into the mountain, just as the magma converter finally explodes, hurling the Decepticon leader over the horizon and reducing the Autobot base to so much ash and ruin.

Although their headquarters have been destroyed, the Autobots take heart in the fact that they are at least alive and healthy. Clouder looks over the blackened crater that was the base in dismay over how he allowed himself to be used by the Decepticons and abandoned by them, at which point Ginrai approaches him. The apologetic Clouder announces his desire to work with the Autobots, and Ginrai accepts his offer. Clouder vows that they will meet again and departs as the run rises.


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Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Ginrai lays out Overlord and jams his guns in the Decepticon's face, the Overlord's nose is blue instead of grey.

Continuity errors

  • Not really an error, but...where in fun are the rest of the Pretenders when all of this is going on?

Transformers references

  • Clouder was installed within the Autobot ranks in "Appearance!! The Final Godmaster".
  • This is the first time in a very long time that we've heard Shūta refer to his father, Professor Gō, who died waaay back in "Terror! The Decepticons' Manhunt".
  • It is also not the first time that Ginrai has accepted a former ally of the Decepticons into the Autobots with absolutely no reservations or concern. Trusting sort, that Ginrai. That sort of trust'll get your base blown up. Mmn.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode features the debut of the insert song, "We Believe Tomorrow". Engrish at its finest! You believe tomorrow what?
  • The phrase "dark base of the lighthouse" derives from the fact that the space around you gets darker the closer you get to a lighthouse. It has a similar meaning to "not being able to see the forest for the trees"—i.e., not being able to see the bigger picture.


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