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Dirt Boss is a Decepticon who has a huge chip on his shoulder despite his tiny size. He is tired of people telling him what to do and now wants to be the boss.


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: John Mariano (English), Tetsuo Goto (Japanese)
That's Dirt Boss 2 u

This alien's gotta go (Roll).

Dirt Boss was born after a forklift, the Headmaster Unit and a piece of the AllSpark all fell together. When the Constructicons were helping Bulkhead fix Sumdac Tower they had some difficulty in clearing the debris at the very bottom. When Scrapper finally managed to pull it out, the group of Transformers wondered on what they had fished out only for it to transform. The forklift called himself Dirt Boss and whined about how he was told to move things but that this would happen no more as he would be the boss. He then overheard Scrapper ask who made him the boss to which Dirt Boss responded by shooting a cerebro shell onto his forehead and causing Scrapper to beat himself up.

TFA Mix, Scrap and Dirt Boss

Fred Fredburger can stick 2 fingers in his belly button, but Scrapper can fit a whole hand in Mixmaster's Belly Button.

After asserting his position as boss he decided to take control of the city's resources since bots like him built the city. He did this by taking the Constructicons to hit various oil tankers, refineries and other such facilities in order to steal the precious oil. He then planned to destroy the main fossil fuel refinery so that he would have had the largest supply of oil in the city thus forcing people to come to him. When Bulkhead attempted to stop him, he sent Mixmaster to fight him by implanting a cerebro shell in him. During the struggle, he transferred the cerebro shell from Mixmaster to Bulkhead and commanded the Autobot to ignite the oil in the refinery. When Mixmaster, who was unfortunately attached to Bulkhead at the time asked him to stop, Dirt Boss said that one could not make something without breaking a few bricks.

However, those mooks the Autobots came to help their comrade leading to a fight between the Constructicons and the Dirt Boss controlled Bulkhead. They managed to free Bulkhead from the cerebro shell but not before a flame was sparked in the refinery threatening to blow it up. However, a component of a Space bridge was used to teleport the refinery into the ocean with Dirt Boss and the Constructicons on it. Presumably, he's sleeping with the fishes right now until he wakes up. (Seem a bit familiar?) Three's a Crowd


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Dirt Boss Second mouth

These two youts!.

  • Given his short, bundled stature, the drill-like nature of his cerebro-shell, semi-origin as the Headmaster Unit, and penchant for "manual control" of his Constructicon cronies, it's possible that Dirt Boss is a walkin', talkin' Gurren Lagann homage.
    • You know, other than Wyatt saying so...
  • Like G1 Long Haul, he likes to complain about being bossed around. Except he actually does something against it. Also to mention he is a hypocrite because he bosses others around.
  • Dirt Boss possibly has two mouths, as he spoke randomly thorough two different ones throughout his premiere only episode. Since the first one he spoke through (and the most commonly used) was the one on the bottom, that would be considered the "real" one. (It looks more like a mouth anyway)
  • Dirt Boss seems to bear a striking resemblance to a Mafia boss: complete with the slight Italian accent, vocabulary("mook") or ("Shaborgin"), attitude, and the fact that he has two big guys to do his dirty work now we just need the godfather music.
  • His ability to "manually" control people might come from the fact that he was built from a Headmaster unit.
  • He kinda resembles Wario.
  • It is hinted in the Allspark Almanac that Dirt Boss and the other Constructicons could form Devastator even though it took 6 to form the Combiner and there are currently only 3 Constructicons.
  • When Dirt Boss came alive, he came with his own Decepticon insignia. Poor Scrap and Mix.
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