The name or term Dirt Boss refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dirt Boss (disambiguation).

Dirt Boss is a lowly servant, who one day plans to rule. Don't they all. He's also a scheming backstabber who'll usurp power by any means. He is an agile and acrobatic fighter in combat. And uses his deadly nail guns and blades with great effect.


Transformers: Nefarious

In Wendover, Utah, Soundwave has instructed Dirt Boss, Reverb and Breakdown to an old scrap yard. In search of an object, they start levelling the area. Breakdown finds an entrance to lower levels. A red warning light starts flashing. Soundwave instructs them to leave at once as it is a booby trap. The place blows up, the three 'Cons get out just in time.


A NEST cargo plane drops Sideswipe and Ironhide off. Sideswipe attacks Breakdown and slices him in half. Ironhide rams Reverb, crushing him. Dirt Boss attacks Sideswipe with his nail guns, knocking him of his wheels. But NEST forces arrive, he has no choice but to surrender. Suddenly Soundwave attacks, allowing Dirt Boss to escape. Optimus Prime parachutes in and takes down Soundwave. Nefarious issue 2

Later, after the Cargo plain carrying Soundwave and the Autobots crashes, thanks to Buzzsaw, Dirt Boss attacks with, Soundwave's animals: Beastbox, Ratbat and others. They cause havoc and free Soundwave and retreat. Nefarious issue 3

Soon, in eastern California. Soundwave meets back up with Dirt Boss and his menagerie. Soundwave instructs Dirt Boss to attack a secret base they've bee looking for. He is caught in a booby trap and blown up. He is finally killed. Nefarious issue 4


  • Dirt Boss (Scout, 2009)

Tote that barge, lift that pail...

Dirt Boss transforms into a fork lift, with a colour scheme reminiscent of the Generation One Constructicons. He has a very accurate fork lift mode for something so small, complete with a small steering wheel and drivers chair. His limbs have decent articulation for a Scout figure, having ball joints at the hips, shoulders, elbows ,knees & ankles.
This mould was redecoed into Deadlift, a homage to Go-Bots Spoons.

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