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If I ever appear in a live-action film, I'd darn well better be played by Bruce Campbell.

Dirk Manus is a human from the Generation One continuity family.

Dirk Manus is an unlikable dry-skinned biped who is willing to do unscrupulous things for money. Despite this, Marissa Faireborn has a thing for him.

We would say she should stick to dating robots, but there is one problem with that...


The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Charlie Adler (English), Masashi Ebara (Japanese)

Listen Princess, I look out for only one person, ME!

Dirk's ship, the Lazy Sue, was attacked by Hun-Gurrr, the leader of the Terrorcons. Marissa Faireborn, with the "help" of Scattershot the Technobot leader and Strafe, came to his rescue. Strafe got confused and shot down Dirk's ship. Dirk secretly buries something near his ship. He introduces himself to Marissa and puts the moves on her. Dirk claimed that Hun-Gurrr attacked him when he discovered a Quintesson base near Saturn. Marissa decided to keep an eye on Dirk, which he uses the opportunity to take her dancing. Later, after his ship was repaired, Dirk digs up what he buried: a machine called the Recreator. He contacts the Quintessons, who he's been working with all along. He demands triple his payment, or he doesn't give it to them. The Quints were the ones who sent Hun-Gurrr to ambush Dirk in the first place. Dirk intended to lead the Technobots into a trap, but Marissa overheard everything and pointed her blaster at Dirk's head, but he too had a blaster and used it to disarm her and tied her up. Dirk was later flying towards Saturn with the Technobots, until they were attacked by Abominus. Dirk gave the Recreator to the Quintessons, but not before putting a small device on the machine. The Quints gave him Mimic dust, which he thought was gold. What the device Dirk put on the Recreator was a micro-nuke, which he activated. Little did he know that the Quintessons found the micro-nuke and flicked it off and placed their own bomb on his ship! Dirk survived, but so did the Technobots, who weren't happy to see him. He protested his innocence and tried to warn them about the Sharkticons ambushing them, but they didn't believe them until it was too late. Marissa arrived in her ship and punched Dirk. Dirk tricks her again. In the end, after Dirk atones for everything, Marissa was about to arrest him, but he escapes with a load of money, which turned out to be mimic dust. Realizing that Marissa tricked him, he just simply laughed. Money is Everything

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