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Dirge is a Predacon from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family. Upon receiving a new body, he took the name Dirgegun.
BWII Dirge card

"Your mutha was a snowblower!"

Dirge is almost inseparable from his partner and best friend, Thrust. Insult comedy is one of his favorite pastimes, and he enjoys throwing biting remarks left and right. Dirge is also a Cybertronian gourmet. He can give high-energy fuels higher potency and better flavor. Oil is one of his favorite substances to work with, and he is known for his very intense brews. Along with Thrust, Dirge has a rivalry with the Predacon air warriors Starscream and BB.

Dirge was mutated into Dirgegun by Angolmois energy. His insulting comedic personality has now been enhanced to include cruel pranks as well, and he is a much more powerful warrior who can no longer be taken lightly by any member of the Maximal Army.


Beast Wars II cartoon

Voice actor: Eiji Takemoto (Japanese)

The Naked Gun? Let's hope not

Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Beast Wars II comic

Theft of the Golden Disk

Voice actor: Frank Todaro (English)

Dirge worked for the crime lord Cryotek and was part of the team he sent to steal the Golden Disk. While Megatron and Dinobot handled the filth, Dirge took the stolen data revealing the location of the Disk to Cryotek. Unfortunately for him, Megatron had switched the data with a Maximal tracking device, causing Dirge and his boss to be arrested for the theft while Megatron and his allies got clean away... Theft of the Golden Disk

IDW Beast Wars comic

Dirgegun was choked by Saberback at a certain point. The Ascending issue 4

Dirgegun now plans elaborate pranks on everyone, including Predacons. If bored, he just injects them with a compute virus that makes the victim humiliate him/herself. Beast Wars Sourcebook


Beast Wars II

  • Dirge (Basic, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: D-14, VS-14
    • Accessories: "Dirge Gun" rifle halves
BWII Dirge toy

Neon all the way!

A redeco of the Machine Wars Skywarp/Thundercracker mold, Dirge transforms from a Dassault Rafale fighter jet to robot mode with a single-step, spring-loaded transformation. The two halves of his "Dirge Gun" rifle store in his lower legs in jet mode. He was available both as an individual release and in a two-pack with Tasmania Kid.
This mold was also used to make Skyfire, Waspinator and Wing Stun.
  • Dirgegun (Deluxe Cyborg Beast, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: D-26
    • Accessories: Needle Shot missile launcher, 2 missiles
BWII Dirgegun toy

Fullmetal Waspinator

An extensive retool of the original Beast Wars Waspinator mold, Dirgegun transforms into a cyborg wasp. His stinger becomes a hand-held "Needle Shot" spring-loaded missile launcher; the missiles are hidden in each of his wings. These missiles can also be used in the launcher mounted on his beast-mode back. This mold has a pop-up gun in place of the mutant head found on the original, meaning you have to flip his head down if you want to use this feature in robot mode.
This mold was also used to make Beast Wars Buzz Saw.

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