HotRodBot Directional Momentum Amplifier

The Directional Momentum Amplifier, when affixed to the wheel of a car, uses the vehicle's own momentum to make the wheels turn faster, without using any extra fuel or putting additional strain on the engine. When turned up all the way, however, it can cause loss of steering. Please read and understand all explanatory materials before use.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Hot Rod Bot"

Doc Greene showed off his newest invention to the Mayors Luskey, the younger of whom planned to use the invention in an upcoming race. Though at first the device worked without problem, Bertram Luskey wanted even more excitement, and turned the dial up to the red zone. This caused the cars to have trouble steering. In his attempt to return the dial to normal, H.B. Luskey broke the remote control, leaving the devices in the red zone permanently. Luckily, the Rescue Bots were able to slow the cars and remove the devices.

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