Dinotron is a Dinobot from the Beast Machines portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.

If TRON is Al Gore's favorite movie, then is Dinotron his favorite robot?

Dinotron is the warrior most likely to give T-Wrecks a headache. To put it frankly, his attitude sucks. Bull-headed, aggressive, and uncooperative are the best words to describe him. Added to that, he's less than thrilled with the new technorganic dinosaur form the Oracle has granted him. Thankfully for the Dinobots, he likes Megatron's vision for a "pure" Cybertron even less.


3H Wreckers Comics

The Dinobots were sent to an unnamed planet by the Oracle in order to awaken the "sleeping giant" for a mysterious purpose. However, the mission was a fool's errand, arranged by the Quintessons and designed to destroy the Dinobots; the planet was the world where one of their most dangerous creations ever remained a prisoner, the energy-draining Trans-Organic creature known as the Dweller. Betrayal

Dinotron, T-Wrecks, Terranotron, and Triceradon managed to escape and join forces with the bounty hunter Devcon, while their teammates were either destroyed or left missing in action fighting the Dweller. Afterwards, the group traveled to Cybertron and helped defend it from a Quintesson invasion. Wreckers: Finale Part I Wreckers: Finale Part II


Beast Machines

BM Dinotron toy

Packed with pachycephalo-power.

  • Dinotron (Deluxe, 2000)
    • Accessories: Tail sword
Dinotron is a redeco of the Beast Wars Neo Destron Hardhead, himself a remold of Beast Wars Dinobot into a pachycephalosaur. Despite the toys not looking it, all the BM Dinobots are intended to be technorganic.
Opening his dino-mode jaw pops up his skullcap slightly, and using his head as a battering ram pushes down the skullcap and closes his jaw. His tail detaches and separates to form a gear-powered spinning-blade weapon (also known as his 'Rotate blade'), while the central "tail bone" separates to be used as a sword. The entire assembly can store in robot mode by flipping down the tail-mount and pegging the blade's base to the peg on his lower back.

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