Dinosaurs are a form of archosaurs that dominated the Earth during their existence. They are the basis of the alternate modes of Dinobots.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Family of Heroes"

250px-FamilyOfHeroes restored dinosaur

The Griffin Rock natural history museum had a number of robotic dinosaur exhibits which incorporated dinosaur DNA. After a fire, Chief Burns and Graham were almost crushed when the head fell off one damaged model. The Tyrannosaurus rex, sporting damage that went unnoticed, later went for a stroll and had to be subdued by the Rescue Bots before being returned to the exhibit. 

"Return of the Dino Bot"

Doc Greene later reprogrammed the dino into a butler and named it Trex. It was used by a mysterious figure to access the island's mainframe and, infected by a virus, it began rampaging through town again. 

"Land Before Prime"

Some dinosaurs were living in a cavern far below Griffin Rock. Some of them emerged through a sinkhole onto Wayward Island and were in danger of becoming a tourist attraction before the rescue team was able to send them home, though not before Optimus Prime was able to acquire a Tyrannosaurus rex alternate mode

"Big Game"

When the dino mode resulted in Optimus becoming feral, Boulder took on a Triceratops mode in order to test the cure he'd developed.

"Quarry's Quarry"

The other Rescue Bots took on dinosaur modes after Quint Quarry demanded Doc Greene build him dinobots. 

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Shockwave was fascinated by the lifeforms he spotted on Earth called dinosaurs, and used them as inspiration for strange experiments where he changed the bodies of Grimlock and the fellow members of his strike team. Once Shockwave was done, the team possessed the ability to transform into dinosaurs and were dubbed "Dinobots".

Beast Hunters Comics

"Beast Hunters issue 3"

Shockwave created organic clones of the same dinosaurs he used as models for the Dinobots, and tried using Energon to give them life. However these dino-clones could not survive long in the oxygen-less atmosphere of Cybertron, so Shockwave kept them inside stasis tanks to keep them alive.

Grimlock and Swoop found the laboratory Shockwave had stored them in, and the bones of a dino-clone that had already escaped its tank and expired. The two Dinobots subsequently came up against a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Stegosaurus, a Triceratops and a Pteranodon as they broke out of the tanks. The attack soon spilled into Last Spark where the other Dinobots were, but the dino-clones began to combust and soon exploded, leaving nothing behind but a huge puddle of Energon. 

Transformers: Robots in Disguise 

The Dinobots were a subspecies of Transformer with alternate modes based on dinosaurs, and included Grimlock and Scowl. Similarly Different

IDW Robots in Disguise comic

Animatronic dinosaurs were among the many attractions at Fun-A-Rama. After damaging one of the robotic dinosaurs during a nighttime excursion, Grimlock was forced to masquerade as a replacement for several hours

Transformers: Age of Extinction

65 Million years ago The Mysterious Alien Called The Creators Arrived on Earth

And Began to Terraform Earth with the Seed Killing the Dinosaurs The The Creators Harvested Transformium

and Created the Transformers.

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