Dinosaur transform static is a variety of electrical residue that results when a Transformer with a dinosaur-based alternate mode transforms. This includes not only those clearly based on known species of dinosaur, such as the Dinobots, but also Transformers such as Sky Lynx for whom the exact inspiration for their alt mode is less clear. It is apparently caused by unique "dinosaur electrons" that these body-types possess.

Grimlock is known to be capable of detecting the "smell" of dinosaur transform static. It is possible that all dinosaur-based Transformers can do so as well.


The Transformers cartoon

When Grimlock detected this static in the vicinity of the recently stolen Fort Knox, initial suspicion was cast on the Dinobots and Sky Lynx, who were then interrogated. However it quickly became clear that the Decepticon Trypticon was the true culprit. Thief in the Night

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