Dinosaur Combiner Magmatron is the sixth episode of Beast Wars Neo. It first aired in Japan on March 10, 1999 on TV Tokyo.



On the planet Flame, Magmatron challenges Big Convoy to a one-on-one battle. But is it a trap? And who is Rockbuster?


Stampy and Break are running at top-speed with an Angolmois capsule in tow. Dead End is hot on their heals and chases them into a trench where he opens fire and takes the capsule. Elsewhere, Cohrada and Heinrad are having similar luck retrieving a capsule while Guiledart and Saberback fire upon them. Eventually they drop the capsule and the Predacons take yet another victory.

Back on the Gung-Ho, every Maximal save for Longrack and Big Convoy are recovering in CR Chambers. Navi hovers in with a report that a capsule has been located on the planet Flame. Big Convoy decides to investigate alone and heads off in search of the capsule. Upon arrival, Big Convoy senses a presence. His old comrade Rockbuster bursts out of the ground and challenges him to a friendly duel. Big Convoy wins without effort and the two recall old times, when Big Convoy was the lone wolf “One Man Army” of Cybertron. Rockbuster offers a partnership but Big Convoy declines; his commitment to the new recruits taking priority. Rockbuster agrees and says goodbye.

Back on the Gung-Ho the Maximals emerge from the CR Chambers in full health. Longrack is melancholy that Big Convoy chose to go alone, as if he and the rest of the team were completely obsolete compared to him. On planet Flame, Big Convoy walks into a meadow of flowers and a Predacon ambush. Magmatron orders the Predacons to return to the Dinosaur, as he wishes to fight Big Convoy one-on-one. Magmatron offers Big Convoy the two Angolmois capsules they collected as a prize should he win. However, if he doesn't, Magmatron will kill all of the new recruits. Rockbuster watches the events unfold from beneath the flowers.

On the Gung-Ho, Navi informs the Maximals that planet Flame is gravitating too close to the sun, and that soon it would get too hot for Big Convoy to survive. The Maximals prepare to rescue him, not positive if they can make it in time. On the planet's surface, Big Convoy and Magmatron begin their duel. Magmatron breaks apart into his three dinosaur components and subdues Big Convoy. He plans to hold him until the last minute and then teleport to safety before the planet burns. Rockbuster intervenes and fights Magmatron off. He then carries Big Convoy to his ship, but Big Convoy refuses to escape with him. He says that if his recruits come to search for him, and can't find him, they'll die. Rockbuster doubts the courage of Big Convoy's recruits, but does as he's told and leaves Big Convoy behind.

Big Convoy passes out and awakes in a CR Chamber on board the Gung-Ho. The Maximals had come to rescue him at the last minute but were unable to secure the Angolmois capsules from the Predacons. Big Convoy tells them all that they are brave soldiers, without the help of Vector Sigma.


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