300px-Dinolizard vs FiveHeadedApe
Dinolizard vs. Five-Headed Ape is a film that aired on television as part of the Creature Double Feature. It features a giant lizard fighting a five-headed ape.

Transformers: Prime

"Operation: Breakdown"

After Bulkhead refused to go on a mission to rescue Breakdown, he suggested to Miko Nakadai that they watch the Creature Double Feature instead. Agent Fowler also participated, but fell asleep during Dinolizard vs. Five-Headed Ape. Miko couldn't enjoy herself because she thought Bulkhead should go on the mission, since Breakdown was his rival. Bulkhead agreed to go, leaving the remainder of the film unwatched.


  • Dinolizard vs. Five-Headed Ape, is, of course, a monster movie in the tradition of Godzilla.
  • The real-world Creature Double Feature was a horror show that aired in Boston and Philadelphia in the '70s and early '80s.
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