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Dinoking is the combination of all 6 Dinoforce team warriors, Gōryū, Kakuryū, Gairyū, Yokuryū, Rairyū and Doryū as a singular fighting force. With the bodies and minds of all 6 members united as one, he is the top Decepticon when it comes to mindless violence. He enhances the natural abilities of all the members within the force and adds a few traits and talents of his own. His brain power however, is about the same as any individual Dinoforce member, only 6 times as worse (Once for each of his individual components), and he is somewhat insubordinate when it comes to taking orders and prefers to go about and fight in his own fashion, rather than operate under set standards and rules.

Because of his rebellious nature, Decepticons never leave him be for too long, on the impression his insubordination may ruin the mission, which is related to why Dinoking locks heads with other Decepticons. At times, when he is in charge of causing a distraction for Autobot forces, he is at his finest if it involves being himself in the field, feeling free to cast death upon innocent beings like there's no tomorrow. But when his superiors choose to butt in or he is faced with an annoying adversary, that is when he becomes rather incensed, and, to make things ever more serious, he is skilled in melee combat when engaging swordsmen or other warriors armed with melee weapons.

Dinoking has a fierce rivalry with the Autobot combiner, Landcross. He will stop at nothing to destroy his enemy.

Dinoking is composed of:

English-Malay dub name: Monstructor
Russian name: Монструктор ("Monstructor")


Victory anime

Actor: Daisuke Gōri (Gōryū) (Japanese), ??? (English/Malay)
Dinoking was first formed during the Dinoforce's battle with the Brainmaster Road Patrol, Blacker, Laster and Braver, on Earth's moon. At first, the Dinoforce had the Brainmaster Road Patrol outnumbered 6-to-3, and 2-to-1 if the Road Patrol splitted up and took on two members at a time each; the battle was at tense point when both sides fought with equal tactical performance that left them with the odd standstill, but, when Gōryū revealed that the Dinoforce had a true power on their to even up the odds, he and his merry team of 6 drew the curtains for a new Dinoforce tactic: Dinoking, a 6-con combination. The Road Patrol fought on now that the situation was 3-to-1 in their favor, but numbers didn't stop Dinoking from demonstrating the true fighting extent of the Dinoforce as a whole. The Brave Hero of the Universe - Star Saber
Next, the Dinoforce attacked Jean Minamikaze's new school and endangered the other students in an attempt to flush out the Autobots in a attack led by Leozack. They were met by Saber, who could not stand up to the might of the Dinoforce and Leozack without putting the humans within the area in harm's way. During the battle, the Brainmaster Road Patrol arrived just in time and were able to help Saber in repelling the Decepticons. They unfortunately made an error in referring to them as 'small fish', and this insult enraged Gōryū into initiating Dinoking's formation. With his formation, Dinoking was not so much of a small fish anymore, and in retaliation for his assault on the school, the Road Patrol formed Road Caesar, who challenged Dinoking to face him a battle; this was an error on Dinoking's part as he got a clean-sweep cut to the chest by Road Ceasar's sword. Attack! Leozack
As the series progressed, the Dinoforce's and Dinoking's importance became nothing more but little. They would later face Autobot Multiforce gestalt Landcross in a real showdown of the sixteams; this battle marked the rise of a rivalry between Dinoking and Landcross. Unite!! Multiforce They would later play a role of importance to the Decepticons in gathering energy so long as any Autobot interventions trigger the launch of destructive missiles, planned by Deathsaurus, that could devastate a random targeted area and leave it in riuns with a small blast that clears a large block. The Tide is Turned! The Ultimate weapon, the Victory Unification
As the series started to reach its climax, the Dinoforce had taken a stash of energy for themselves and their reserves, which they kept and had plans of their own. With this energy, they pooled it from their reserves and formed the Dinoblaster Cannon, a Dinoforce super-weapon, which resembles the fusion of the individual members' weapons. Dinoking intended to use this weapon to defeat Star Saber and Victory Leo, who had combined into Victory Saber prior. The Dinoblaster Cannon did not save Dinoking or the Dinoforce from another defeat, as Victory Saber made short work of them regardless. Victory Saber showed a warrior's sympathy towards the Dinoforce, making a statement that Goryu had loyal troops, and that they should rest well for when next they met. With that, he spared them, and this sparing affected the Dinoforce. Jean - Defend the Campus!!
As the series approached the finale, Dinoking, the gestal of the Dinoforce, would defect from the Decepticons after Deathsaurus abandoned them. Although they showed blind loyalty twoards him, he disregarded this, and instead left them to perish. Their first act against the Decepticons was that once saved by Victory Saber, they would offer useful information on how to destroy Deathsaurus' resurected fortress. Victory Saber took this in mind, and the fortress met its destruction thanks to the Dinoforce's miraculous defection, miraculous for the fact that Deathsaurus' actions in rejecting them gave them a reason and the initiative to leave the Decepticon cause completely.
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Victory manga

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  • Dinoking
Japanese ID number: D-328
Dinoking was sold as his individual components and as a giftset. He is a redeco of Monstructor.

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