The Dinoforce are a Decepticon subgroup from the Victory portion of Generation One.

Open the door / Get on the floor / Everybody walk the Dinoforce

The Dinoforce (恐竜戦隊 Kyōryū Sentai) has the combined brainpower of a melon. A very, very stupid melon. They are looked down upon by the other Decepticons, most notably the Breastforce, because they're just so darn stupid. Despite being dinosaurs, they are not very strong and resort to combining into Dinoking in a tight spot. The Dinobots they ain't.

Rather uniquely, the Dinoforce's Pretender shells appear to have some level of independent thought; when the Dinoforce aren't merged with them, they can think and act on their own, though usually simply doing whatever they were told to do by their robot masters. In fact, team leader Gōryū rides around on on the back of his shell rather than within it. Another odd thing is that the Dinoforce rarely—possibly never—seem to convert into their "monster" alternate modes when outside of their shells.

The Dinoforce consist of:

They can combine to form Dinoking.

English-Malay dub name: Dinosaur Regiment
Latin American dub name: Batallón de Dinosaurios (Dinosaur Batalion)


Victory cartoon

The Dinoforce was frequently used by Deathsaurus, likely because he didn't have any other troops other than the Breastforce at his disposal, and thus if he got rid of them before the series started, then he wouldn't have had any troops at all. The bumbling idiots miserably failed every mission they were given, and about their only purpose to the plot other than comic relief is that an attack by them killed Jean Minakaze's parents. Presumably, the parents laughed themselves to death, either at the sight of the Dinofarce in action, or else at Star Saber's melodramatic dialogue. Eventually, when Deathsaurus raided the energy from Atlantis, he abandoned the Dinoforce to die, despite their blind loyalty to him. Out of resentment for being betrayed, they supplied the information that Deathsaurus's giant fortress had a weak point. When last seen, the Dinoforce appeared to have turned good. Or they may simply have been confused. As their possible ancestors Slag and Sludge once discussed: "Which ones friends?" "The ones with face like this, I think."

Victory comic



  • Dinoking (Multi-pack, 1989)
Japanese ID number: D-328
The Dinoforce toys share the same robot molds as the Hasbro Pretender Monsters, but their Pretender shells are modeled after dinosaurs with cyborg armor attachments rather than monsters. Each one transforms into a small monster-robot, plus has a third mode as part of the combiner robot Dinoking.
The entire team was available both as six individually packaged pieces and in a big six-bot set as Dinoking.


  • The Dinoforce shells are notable for developing a green patina on the painted-gold portions, as well as a slimy texture over their whole surface over time. What causes this is unknown, but ick. Even previously unopened samples will develop this nastiness. While some water and a little bit of hand-soap should take care of the slime, there's not much to be done about the green discoloration.
  • Note that although "Dinoforce" is spelled out in English on the toy packaging, the group breaks Japanese Transformers convention by not actually being referred to by their English name in the animated series. Instead, they are identified as the "Kyōryū Sentai", literally, the "Dinosaur War Squad". They are not, however, the only Kyoryū Sentai in existence to have dinosaur partners.
  • Despite their comical nature, the Dinoforce are among the few Decepticons that have been seen to kill humans.
  • As opposed to the Pretenders in Super-God Masterforce, the Dinoforce follows a concept that is much closer to the American version in that the robot and the shell can operate as separate units.

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