The name or term Dinobot refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dinobot (disambiguation).

In 2003, Wal*Mart stores got an exclusive Transformers sub-line named "Dinobots", consisting of six redecoed Beast Wars era molds, split into three two-packs. Each set contained a Deluxe-level toy and a Basic, but was sold for only $10, the price of a standard Deluxe. Every toy in the line was an Autobot by allegiance.

It is unknown what fictional "universe", if any, the Dinobots line belongs to. While they were released along with the Armada line, some fans place them in the "catch-all" Universe series, and 3H had vague plans to include them in the Universe comic series in future installments, but those never materialized. As such, the relationships between the Dinobots and their namesakes in other series is conjecture at best.

The Dinobots sets were...

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