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Dinobot Island is an island in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

It's Mount Saint Hilary and, uh, Dinobot Island all rolled up into one!

Dinobot Island is a small island located in the middle of Lake Erie. Once a military research facility, the island is now the home to the Dinobots, where they live in peace away from fossil feeders and Autobots and is also the (second) crash site of the Autobot ship.


Transformers Animated cartoon

Initially, Prowl took Bulkhead to the island to train him in martial arts. After the two Autobots liberated the Dinobots, they left them on the island, feeling that they would be safe and happier there. Blast from the Past

When evidence arose that the Dinobots were responsible for the kidnapping of Sari Sumdac, Prowl and Bulkhead traveled to Dinobot Island, with Captain Fanzone following them. The three discovered that Prometheus Black had set up a base there and used his acid touch to enslave the Dinobots. Black was attempting to develop a method to create transformable humans, and the island provided privacy and security in the form of the Dinobots. When Captain Fanzone restrained Black in one of his own protective suits, the Dinobots extended their resignations to Black, and proceeded to beat the slag out of Colossus Rhodes and two earlier test subjects. Black and Rhodes were taken into custody, while the mutants' fates were unspecified. They may have been left on the island...or Grimlock is using their bones to pick his teeth. Survival of the Fittest

When Optimus Prime learned that the Dinobots were alive, Bulkhead and Prowl took him to Dinobot Island to try and convince the Dinobots to help them fight off the Decepticons. Grimlock had a "frag off" kind of attitude toward the Autobots, saying that the Dinobots didn't need robots to fight, but would rather destroy robots. Prime reminded the Dinobots that they were also robots...which seemed to cause them to fight amongst themselves. When Grimlock gives an order, the Dinobots follow it to the letter. Megatron Rising - Part 1

When the Decepticons Megatron, Lugnut, and Blitzwing shot down the Autobots' ship, the vessel crashed into Dinobot Island's caldera. The Autobots were able to defeat the Decepticons, but the AllSpark was dispersed in the process. There was no sign of the normally territorial Dinobots. Maybe they were too busy beating each other up... Megatron Rising - Part 2

Later, Optimus led the suspicious Ultra Magnus and Sentinel Prime to Dinobot Island to prove that there had actually been a battle with the Decepticon's over the AllSpark. They quickly encountered the Dinobots. Optimus warned against provoking them, but Sentinel was eager for a fight. Grimlock proceeded to smack Sentinel around until Ultra Magnus interrupted Grimlock's fun with lightning from his hammer. However not long after the Dinobots withdrew, the merry band turned around to answer a call for help from the rest of the Autobots at the Sumdac Robot Plant. The Elite Guard


Although no real islands in Lake Erie are volcanic in origin, as Dinobot Island seems to be, one possible inspiration may be West Sister Island. Like Dinobot Island, it is an uninhabited wilderness preserve (except for a lighthouse), described as having a "jungle"-like environment, was previously the site of US military operations, has been used as a hideout by criminals and is notable for its resident birds defecating on visitors. Either the TF:Animated Writers are Dirty Jobs fans, or this is one creepy instance of life imitating art.

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