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A shambling, slavering Frankenstein's monster of Megatron's creation, Dinobot II is an attempt to recreate the Maximal Dinobot without all that cumbersome honor. Powerful, vicious, and most importantly, loyal, Dinobot II is a living weapon to be aimed and released in the Maximals' direction.

"I am the plan."
―Dinobot II[["Feral Scream Part 2"| [src]]]

Chinese name (Taiwan): È Bàu Lúng (惡暴龍, "Evil Violent Dinosaur")


Cartoon continuity

Beast Wars

Voice actor: Scott McNeil (English), Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Jorge Barcellos (Brazil)

Skeletor's new ride

Created by combining a protoform, cloned cells from the original Dinobot, a part of Rampage's spark, and the energy from the Transmetal Driver, Dinobot II became a fierce warrior for Megatron. Gifted with powerful abilities (instant healing and most of Dinobot's warrior skills), Dinobot II was used for hunting Maximals like Depth Charge and Blackarachnia. Proving Grounds Because he had a piece of Rampage's spark, a fact that sometimes confused Depth Charge's sensors, Dinobot II was able to squeeze it and keep the powerful Transmetal in line. Feral Scream Part 1

His most important moments came at the very end of the Beast Wars. After Rampage was destroyed by Depth Charge, something happened to Dinobot II. Somehow, the memories of the original Dinobot flooded into his frame, and more importantly, Dinobot's code of honor came along with them. Nemesis Part 1 Unable to shake off these memories and what they signified, Dinobot II betrayed Megatron, challenging his leader's desire to destroy the protohuman village. More importantly, he sent information about an Autobot shuttle to the Maximals aboard the Ark.

Dinobot II's final rebellion was openly refusing to fire on the Maximal base. When a flabbergasted Megatron asked him what possible reason he could have for rebelling against his creator, Dinobot II took a moment before turning to look at the injured form of Optimus Primal and announcing "And I...have my honor." Enraged, Megatron attacked him, throwing him into Primal just as Rhinox piloted the Autobot shuttle straight into Megatron. As Optimus made to escape, he tried to get Dinobot II to follow, but the Transmetal merely wished Primal well as the cockpit exploded around him. Thus he died as a hero, like his predecessor. Optimus would later quote a passage from the Covenant of Primus: "In the spark of an enemy, there will be salvation, and in the darkest hour, there will be a light," to which Rattrap added it could be from an unexpected source, being saved by "Ole' Chopperface's clone." Nemesis Part 2

Note: The resurgence of the original Dinobot's memories in Dinobot II makes more sense in the context of the unproduced episode of Beast Wars, "Dark Glass". In this episode, Rattrap would have discovered and downloaded the memories into Dinobot II, but the episode never made it past a first draft. Even then, though, Dinobot II has a vision of the original Dinobot's last stand in the valley, a memory which could not be present in the datatrax that Rattrap would have given him. It is possible (though at this point inexplicable) that the original Dinobot's spark may have influenced the clone somehow.

Dreamwave Summer Special

Dinobot II attacked Rattrap, tearing him out of the crawler vehicle he was testing. Rattrap's attempts to reason with the remnants of his old friend failed, and the twisted clone prepared to toss him off a cliff. But before he could finish off the Maximal, Bonecrusher rammed him, sending both the clone and the crawler tumbling off the cliff. Ain't No Rat


Beast Wars

  • Dinobot (Deluxe Transmetal 2, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: D-48
    • Accessories: Tail-whip
Dinobot transforms into a skeletal/mechanical velociraptor. The tail is made of soft plastic that moves from side to side when a lever at the base is turned. It can also be detached and used as a hand weapon.
Along with Prowl, Dinobot was part of Hasbro's early experiments in refreshing a line with same-character redecoes. The first few waves of product with Dinobot featured him in a bone-tan and purple coloration. Several waves in, however, he was re-shipped in bright white with blue, his packaging making no mention of this new color scheme.
This mold was also used to make the Beast Machines Dinobot Rapticon.


  • According to his on package bio, Dinobot II might be the resurrected and upgraded version of the original Dinobot in the on-package Beast Wars continuity.
  • There may be a possibility that the Dinobot II survived the crash in the final episode of Beast Wars cartoon. His indestructible spark was made whole due to the fact that Rampage had been destroyed by Depth Charge. The Spark (as shown by Rampage) allows its possessor to regenerate from fatal wounds. Also, in addition to this Transmetal 2 technology can heal itself. Adding on to the speculation is the fact that the clone's body was never discovered by the Decepticons in future (thus he may have survived and fled the ship). If the clone did survive, it had the original Dinobot's memories and personality, thus Dinobot survived the Beast Wars.
    • This is highly unlikely, given that it was proven that the other half of Rampage's spark was indeed mortal in "Nemesis, Part I." Also, any characters who survived the Beast Wars were addressed in some way in Beast Machines, including Waspinator, who was the only one left behind on Earth. Finally, given that Dinobot was very close to the actual spot where the heart of the explosion took place (an explosion that, due to the confines of the ship, likely would have had an impact at least equal to the one that killed Rampage and Depth Charge), it is highly likely, that there were few, if any traces of him left behind by the time the Decepticons awakened four million years later.

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