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What the hell kind of Triceratops looks like this?!

The Dinobots were created by the Oracle to aid in the battle against Megatron's Vehicons.

At his death, the Maximal Dinobot's spark, containing all the data gathered in his life, had joined with the Allspark and so was available to the Oracle.

The Oracle reformatted a group of survivors of Megatron's virus and Vehicon hordes using dinosaur DNA information from Dinobot, giving them new technorganic bodies. And with the addition of the spacefaring Predacon warrior Magmatron, the new Dinobots were born.

"Everyone a little to the left -- no, MY left. Oh, whatever."

Members are:


3H Wreckers Comics

Together with the Mutants and the Wreckers, the Dinobots were called to assemble at the Oracle in order to receive a mission crucial to restoring balance to Cybertron and the entire universe. T-Wrecks and his teammates were counseled regarding the original Dinobots, and warned that in order to achieve their highest potential they would have to find a balance between the ferocity of their namesakes and intelligent thought. They were then ordered to "awaken the sleeping giant", whom they would have need of at a location the Oracle spoke of as the Nexus. Betrayal

Upon arriving at the location specified by the Oracle, the group fell prey to the treachery of the Quintesson shell program. A horde of Energon starved Cybertronians attacked them, followed closely by the Dweller, a Quintesson creation. The Wreckers #2

Several members of the team perished, and Magmatron disappeared after becoming locked in combat with the Dweller. The rest of the group-T-Wrecks, Triceradon, Terranotron, and Dinotron-escaped the planet and joined forces with Devcon, who was hunting the traitorous Wrecker Cyclonus. Disclosure

They soon returned to Cybertron upon learning of its reformatting at the hands of Optimus Primal, and joined other Cybertronians-including the Wreckers-in battling against an invading army of Quintessons led by the Predacon criminal Cryotek. In the course of the battle, Triceradon was hit by an energy field and mysteriously vanished, leaving T-Wrecks confused and worried over his teammate. Wreckers: Finale Part I Wreckers: Finale Part II

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  • Dinobot's DNA being used to create the Dinobots is information from their packaging writeups. How the Oracle used Dinobot's velociraptor DNA to create a wide variety of dinosaur (and flying reptile) Transformers is unknown.
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