Daimicron prime

Dimicron Prime (ダイミクロンプライム Daimikuron Puraimu) is the Autobot Commander who accompanies TakaraTomy representatives as they travel around the country. Having protected Japanese children since ancient times, he recently awoke from a long slumber in response to a crisis in Japan. His weapon of choice is the Katsushika Blaster P38 (カツシカブラスターP38 Katsushika Burasutā P38).


  • Dimicron Prime was conceived as part of the "Cybertron Satellite" promotion wherein select towns and neighborhoods had their own "mascots". Unlike the other fourteen characters in the promotion, rather than be assigned to a specific region of the country, Dimicron Prime appears instead at TakaraTomy booths at conventions, and made his debut appearance at World Hobby Fair Summer 2012.
  • Where the designs of the other Cybertron Satellite Primes are influenced by famous features of their regions, Dimicron Prime represents Takara itself, combining several of its most famous toylines in one: Transformers, Diaclone, and Microman. His name is a portmanteau of Diaclone and Microman, and he is based on the 2010 Transformers Legends-class Optimus Prime with the head and color scheme of the Diaclone Robot Base toy, and carrying Micro Change Gun Robo P38 (pre-Megatron). His shoulder bears the image of the classic Takara mascot, Dakko-Chan.
  • The Katsushika Blaster P38's name is derived from both Gun Robo P38 and Katsushika, a ward of Tokyo where TakaraTomy has their headquarters.
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