Rodimus Prime inaccurately remembers the "greatest battle on Earth".

Digital Doom on the Highway to Destruction was one of a series of pack-in flyers advertising toys for sale via mail. It offered discontinued toys from the 1984-1985 line.

Preceded by: You Have Been Chosen.
Followed by: The Autobots Are Under Attack!
Release date: 1987
Characters (in order of appearance): Rodimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Thundercracker, Ratchet, Warpath, Sunstreaker, Mirage, Wheeljack, Cosmos


This "legendary" conflict took place prior to the construction of Autobot City on Earth. Deep within the data battle center, Rodimus Prime solemnly recounts it for an unknown audience, noting that it was "the most crucial" battle.

An Autobot convoy set out to determine a building site for the city. They were ambushed en route by Megatron, the "death-dealing, menacing machine gun" and Thundercracker, "the energy-zapping fighter plane". Soon the "innocent convoy was converted into a shower of drone rockets" and other weaponsfire.

The outcome is unknown, but Rodimus Prime, at least, considered it the greatest battle in which the Transformers ever engaged on Earth.


  • Hubcap's toy is shown in Cliffjumper's place. Eh - who's gonna notice?
  • Please don't ask us how Optimus and Rodimus were able to coexist, particularly before Autobot City was even built.


  • This flyer continues the "story", such as it is, started by previous S.T.A.R.S. advertisements. S.T.A.R.S. membership is among the premiums offered.
  • Reflector and Cliffjumper are advertised, but aren't shown in the epic titular conflict.
  • How many Autobots DOES it take to search for a building site?
  • Seriously. Rodimus, Optimus, and six other Autobots are gonna have trouble defeating Megatron and Thundercracker?
  • Warpath and Rodimus seem to have gotten lost. They're not driving on the road.
  • Megatron is shown using his stock assembly as a weapon, maybe the only canonical time he's done so.
  • This is the only continuity in which Thundercracker is known to "zap the power supply of his enemies."
  • Item available in this brochure included:
    • Optimus Prime ($21.50 + 5 robot points)
    • Megatron ($21.50 + 5 robot points)
    • Thundercracker ($10 + 2 robot points)
    • Reflector ($10 + 2 robot points)
    • Wheeljack ($8 + 2 robot points)
    • Mirage ($8 + 2 robot points)
    • Ratchet ($8 + 2 robot points)
    • Sunstreaker ($8 + 2 robot points)
    • Cosmos ($3.50 + 1 robot point)
    • Warpath ($3.50 + 1 robot point)
    • Cliffjumper ($3.50 + 1 robot point). Hubcap toys were shipped to those who ordered Cliffjumper, with instructions that at times show both Hubcap AND Cliffjumper.
    • S.T.A.R.S. membership, now reduced to $5.00 thanks to "a more efficient use of Transformers energy and technology".
    • As Ultra Magnus promised, the Omnibots are no longer available.

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