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Specifics: Regular drone, Cryotek's drone

Diagnostic drones are characters/devices in the Generation One continuity family, most prominently in Beast Machines.

A Diagnostic Drone is a type of autonomous drone which generally assists Transformers in performing administrative or technical tasks. They have some measure of artificial intelligence and are small, roughly ovoid devices with one visual sensor, two clawed arms, and two "wings". They can hover or fly. Diagnostic Drones are explicitly depicted as sparkless. Several have been shown to have the ability to speak and use advanced experimental technology, but only one is known to have had apparent emotions and a sense of humor; that unit was either a true artificial intelligence, or a very good simulation of one.


Beast Era[]

Theft of the Golden Disk[]

A black and white Diagnostic Drone accompanies Cryotek. Theft of the Golden Disk

Beast Machines[]

GrandMal Schematics

Ahhhh...I am a genius. Heeheeheehee!

Voice actor: Christopher Gaze/Paul Dobson (English)

Diagnostic Drones were used by Megatron during his tenure as ruler of Cybertron. One drone in particular served as Megatron's right-hand man until it was reprogrammed by the reawakened Rhinox. This drone displayed a seemingly full range of emotions, although its ability to make decisions was handicapped in some ways by its programming. Despite this nearly full sentience, it was explicitly stated to have no spark.

Near the end of Megatron's rule, after his spark was de- and repolarized, his spark became stuck in a Diagnostic Drone for a time.

Dreamwave comics continuity[]

Diagnostic Drones—or drones that look exactly like them—were shown assisting Optronix at his job in the archives. The War Within, Part 1


Shattered Glass

A Diagnostic Drone is seen along with Scrapper and Hook, who are giving Cliffjumper medical treatment. This one has the addition of an adorable nurse's cap. Shattered Glass