Dewbot is a mechanoid in the Movie continuity family. He is a possibly a Real Gear Robot.

Remember when Robo-Capers used to do these as jokes?

Dewbot is a Mountain Dew Robot covert infiltration agent specializing in heavily trafficked human installations. You could walk by him, even stop and touch him, and never know you'd interacted with a Transformer. Capture the Cube

Disguised as a large vending machine, he is effectively invisible to humans who are used to seeing them everywhere. The moment humans' backs are turned, Dewbot engages his whisper-mode transformation sequence and continues on his mission. The result is quite similar to Bugs Bunny disguising himself as a bush.

Dewbot's robot mode has four arms canted front and rear, affording him an almost spider-like dexterity. Magnetic grapplers on his feet allow him to scale walls and even ceilings. He is strong enough to shatter 3-inch steel with his bare hands. Completing the illusion of his alternate mode, Dewbot is capable of dispensing original Mountain Dew or Mountain Dew: Code Red.

Dewbot's craft relies on remaining undetected; he has no on-board armaments, and his land speed is below average. He cannot see in the dark.

He also enjoys the lost art of dance, often taking time in the middle of a mission to strut his stuff.

Note: All references to the name 'Dewbot' were removed from the game for its final release, where he is identified only as one of the Elite Mountain Dew Robots. The name Dewbot can still be found in the internal game resources. It is a proper noun.


Capture the Cube

Dewbot transform

Free Slurm for all humans!

Dewbot staked out Sector Seven headquarters while the All Spark was being moved, following the relocation team in and evading detection in order steal it. Capture the Cube

Since Dewbot failed to capture the All Spark in any known continuity, it is strange then that you can actually win the game--in the ending, when you win, Dewbot escapes with the Cube, and brings a line of other soda machines to life.

Dewbot altmode

"Was that vending machine here a minute ago?"

The timing of Dewbot's mission is unclear (perhaps they seek to create Dew City), but the All Spark's relocation implies that it falls either before (or immediately after) James Farr's death on March 16 2006, or after Rebecca Howard's arrest on April 1st 2007, since Dr. Howard stonewalled all experimentation on the All Spark in the interim.


  • The Capture the Cube game was developed by Tribal DDB Dallas.
  • All animation for the Capture the Cube game was developed by Replaced by robots, a Canadian animation studio.
  • It seems the guards never hear the loud bangs and crashes Dewbot makes when he transforms...

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