Devil Z is a super-energy being from the Masterforce portion of Generation One Japan.

It's the Magic Cyst of Devil Z!

The origins of the self-styled Decepticon "God" Devil Z (pronounced "zed"[1]) and his power are shrouded in mystery, but all that is known is that he is, by far, one of the most powerful enemies. Seemingly lacking any corporeal form and instead existing solely as a discarnate being, he lives purely as a pulsating globe of iridescent energy and is only ever identified as a "super-energy being" hailing from the far reaches of the galaxy. As the "Führer of Darkness" (闇 の 総統 Yami no Sōtō), he commands the Earth-based Decepticons and their human Godmaster and Headmaster partners.


Super-God Masterforce


Actor: Hidekatsu Shibata (Japanese), ??? (English/Malay)

Precisely how Devil Z came to be involved in the Transformer war is left unknown, but after learning of the Transformers and humankind, he formulated a scheme that would combine the two to orchestrate the creation of the ultimate super-robot lifeform. Devil Z stole a set of 8 Transtectors—one of which was intended to be used by legendary Autobot leader, Optimus Prime for his revival—from a region of space known as the G-Nebula, rich in the energy known as "TenChōkon" (the power of the heavens). Transporting them across space to Earth, where the 7 smaller ones were scattered across the planet, Devil Z lay in waiting alongside the 8th, largest, 2-piece Transtector, buried deep in an ocean trench. As time passed, the hidden Transtectors soaked up "ChiChōkon", the power of the Earth. The final stage in Devil Z's plan was to have human beings merge with the Transtectors, thus adding "JinChōkon", the power of humanity, to the equation, and giving the resultant lifeforms—Godmasters—power over all 3 "Chōkon Powers", 3 primal energies of the universe.

In 2011, when the current Decepticon leader, Scorponok, was defeated by Fortress Maximus, Devil Z saw his opportunity. Scorponok had a new body constructed for himself, dubbed "Black Zarak", but before he was able to connect to it, Devil Z was able to capture him by unspecified means and succeeded in brainwashing him, putting Scorponok and, by extension, the entire Decepticon army, under his control. Black Zarak returned to the main Decepticon force, battling the Autobots in space until Devil Z would require him.

The final step in Devil Z's plan for the Transtectors came when a couple, Giga & Mega, came into contact with the villain and were merged with the largest Transtector, creating Overlord. Serving Devil Z as his "Ambassadors of Destruction", they were instructed to locate the remaining Transtectors and soon found two, which became bonded to a pair of German brothers, Hydra & Buster. Seeking to bolster his forces until more Godmasters could be created, Devil Z used his powers to liberate the three Decepticon Pretenders who had been sealed away on Earth for thousands of years by their Autobot counterparts. Their awakening and subsequent rampage drew the Autobot Pretenders out of hiding, and the conflict began to escalate as both sides recruited three human teenagers into their ranks, converted into Headmasters known as Headmaster Jrs through the power of the Masterforce.

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Devil Z united his two sets of minions in the search for the Transtectors, but what Devil Z had failed to realise was that all the remaining Transtectors he had stolen had been intended for Autobot use. Consequently, the human beings who merged with them all allied with the Autobots, thwarting his attempt to increase his army. Failure did not sit well with Devil Z, who summoned Black Zarak back to Earth, only to have him forced back into space by God Ginrai. However, during this additional stay in space, Black Zarak mastered localized gravity manipulation, allowing him to create black holes which he used to teleport himself directly to Earth, where he and the other Decepticons rampaged.

When the Autobots invaded the Decepticon base, an outraged Devil Z played his trump card, merging himself with Black Zarak and putting himself in control of the Decepticon's body, but with vastly enhanced powers. During the fusion, Devil Z professed that he was assuming his "true form", and the image of a bizarre, embryonic creature was briefly seen before the villain completed the combination. Subsequently, the Black Zarak/Devil Z fusion used its powers to wreak havoc across the Earth, planning to exterminate mankind completely. His contempt for flesh was even shared by Hydra and Buster, who abandoned their humanity when they requested that Devil Z merge them entirely with their Transtectors so that they could become purely Transformers and stand a chance against Chōkon Power users.

In truth, however, it soon became apparent that rather than simply loathe humans, Devil Z genuinely feared the untapped potential for JinChōkon that lay within mankind; it became clear that the power's true nature was starting to show, and so to that end, he sought to exterminate that potential by destroying humanity. This was a creed that Overlord could not accept; although Mega and Giga had willingly served Devil Z and supported the decimation of the planet, rather than seek to erase their humanity as Buster and Hydra had done, they celebrated the power of the flesh, seeking to prove its worth to Devil Z by battling God Ginrai hand to hand with their own strength and willpower, rather than through the use of weapons. Devil Z did not accept this however, and when Overlord moved against him, he purged the couple from the Transtector and brought it to life, along with those of the Decepticon Headmaster Jrs and the Godmaster Double-Spy Doubleclouder. Devil Z then squared off against God Ginrai for the final battle, in which God Ginrai successfully decapitated Black Zarak's body, only to have it assume a new transformation: the form of a twin-headed hydra, which he was able to destroy with the power of his God Fire Guts. Devil Z was released from within Black Zarak and issued empty threats toward God Ginrai, who, boosted by the Chōkon Power of his fellow Autobots, destroyed the villain with his almighty Final Fire Guts.

With Devil Z's destruction—responsible as he was for the bond between humanity and Transtector, as well as the creation of the ultimate Transformer breed capable of using all three Chōkon Powers to their fullest—all remaining Godmasters' current state of life, as well as those of the Masterforce-powered Headmasters, ceased, and their human partners were finally separated from them. Instead, through their partnerships, the Transtectors had developed and evolved into true Transformers, and with their separation, the process was completed; the bond had lasted long enough to soak in their human partners' personality imprints and give them life. The newly-born fully-developed Transtectors then departed Earth, pursuing the remaining Decepticons back to the larger battle in space and beginning their lives anew.


When Devil Z bonds with Black Zarak, he actually assumes a position between the Transtector's shoulders as a Headmaster, hidden beneath Black Zarak's helmet. Additionally, it is implied that Mega & Giga came into contact with him when they drowned at sea, and Devil Z discovered and reanimated their bodies, but the reanimation process was not without its downsides; because the couple were revived through his power, which is still linked with him after the process, Mega & Giga are vulnerable, as his death also separates them from the power he used to bring them back and renders the couple as deceased.


  • Devil Z holds the unique honor of being the only Decepticon big bad to have a personal character theme: Ruler of The Universe - Devil Z (宇宙 の 支配者・デビル Z|Uchū no Shihaisha — Devil Z). This "image song" was originally sold on a Masterforce soundtrack disk in 1988, and was recently re-issued on both the Transformers History of Music 1984–1990 and Transformers Song Universe 5-disk sets. The artist was Toshiya Igarashi, who also performed the opening and ending themes for Masterforce. If you can read Japanese, the lyrics are here. Just in case you weren't clear on how evil he was, the character theme opens with a screaming refrain of "BAD BAD BAD!" Because...y'know, he's bad.
  • Devil Z is not only only a name used in Transformers series- there is also a car called Devil Z in the manga Wangan Midnight later, which is a Datsun 240Z.


  1. Devil Z's name is pronounced with the Commonwealth "zed", rather than the American "zee". Or if you were feeling particularly weeabooish, you could pronounce it "zeddo". or "zetto"
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