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Devil's Due Press, formerly an in-house arm of Image Comics, broke off on its own in 2003. Devil's Due is primarily known for its relaunch of the G.I. Joe comic book series in 2001, which, while not generating as much interest as the similarly-timed Transformers relaunch, still reinvigorated the property in the eyes of many comic book readers. Of course it was only a matter of time before these two licensing giants of the 1980s, now in the hands of independent publishers, met, and in fact an early set of crossover posters (in G.I. Joe #3 and Dreamwave's Transformers #2) proved a harbinger of a larger crossover enterprise. Both Devil's Due and Dreamwave produced two series of crossovers, though Dreamwave's second series only managed to get out a single issue before they declared bankruptcy. While Dreamwave's crossovers often tried to reimagine both properties in some unique way, Devil's Due took a more straightforward approach, taking up the question of what would happen if the regular stories of G.I. Joe and the Transformers just happened to intersect. While not garnering as much critical or popular attention as their Dreamwave counterparts, these two series still brought to life a number of meetings previously only dreamed about; as well, Vol. 2 introduced Transformers fans to the art of E.J. Su, who would be IDW's first artistic appointment when they received the Transformers license in mid-2005.