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Your worst nightmare

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Optimus Prime has bad dreams, Grimlock screws up big-time, and Bludgeon's Decepticons start their devastation of Earth.

The American issue contains a main story, "Devices and Desires!", and a backup story, "Tales of Earth Part One". In the British version, the second story would be in issue #4.

"Devices and Desires!"


Optimus Prime dreams of a field of Autobot corpses. He is suddenly attacked by a corrosive black substance, which somehow seems familiar. As it eats away his arm, he wakes up to find Kup shaking him. Kup informs him that Grimlock, against orders, left Autobase with a raiding party. (Prime gave those orders because he regards these dreams as warnings of a second menace, and wants no incautious actions taken until it is identified.)

Grimlock and his party have stolen a shuttle from the Cybertronian Empire, the Kiro. They have also stolen some docking codes, and use them to sneak on board Jhiaxus' flagship, the Twilight, which they plan to obliterate with a freaking enormous bomb. They land in the shuttle bay, and exit the craft... only to find themselves surrounded by dozens of Imperial troops, commanded by Jhiaxus himself. He expected an attack of this sort, and the codes which Grimlock's party used were inadequate. He knocks Grimlock down. Red Alert, angered, raises his weapon, and is cut down by half-a-dozen weapon blasts. Grimlock, realizing the enormity of his error, surrenders. Jhiaxus orders them shipped off to the Liege Maximo.

En route, the prison ship is attacked by another Imperial ship, the Sabre. The startled Imperial guard comments that all its codes check out... and is then killed by Grimlock, who knows an opportunity when he sees one. The rest of Grimlock's party follow his lead (with Mirage getting killed in the process).

On board the Sabre, we find that Optimus Prime has taken over the ship, but kept the crew alive (for their complete knowledge of the codes). Prime hails the prison ship, to tell them he's beginning docking maneuvers. Grimlock worries that Prime will hand him his shiny metal ass over this catastrophe.

Instead, Prime puts Grimlock in charge while he (Prime) journeys back to Cybertron. He believes Grimlock has learned from his mistake (which appears to be true), and will think of his soldiers first from now on. Meanwhile, Prime believes he needs to commune with the Heart of Cybertron, to learn the truth of his visions.


Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Manny Galan
Inkers: Jima Amash and Marie Severin
"Colorbot": Sarra Mossoff
"Letterbots": Richard Starkings with Gaushell
Editor: Rob Tokar

  • Originally published: February, 1994 (December, 1994–January, 1995 UK)

Featured characters

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Autobots Cybertronians


"Prime, wake up, wake... What am I saying? We don't sleep!"


Grimlock: All that matters is bomb, and then getting heck out of here before — before...

Grimlock and crew are confronted by the wrong end of three dozen Imperial blasters.

Swoop: Before it all hits the fan. Am I right, boss?

Awkward pause.

Jhiaxus: Well, well, Grimlock. I hardly expected to see you again quite so soon. People will begin to think you like it here!

"Me have nasty feeling this going to be far worse than anything Decepticons have in mind!"

Grimlock, anticipating Prime's punishment for disobeying orders and getting Autobots killed


  • Jhiaxus tells the Autobots they're going to be shipped to the "Leige Maximo". The correct spelling is "Liege".
  • The prison ship is absurdly inadequate, given that the prisoners are apparently kept in the same room with the crew, and aren't restrained in any way.


"Tales of Earth Part One"


Meanwhile, Bludgeon is laying waste to Earth using his Warworld battle cruiser. Thousands, if not millions, are already dead. Bludgeon leads a strike force to the surface to give the killing a more personal touch. Just as he is about to strike down some puny fleshlings, however, his weapon is shot from his hand. He is utterly startled to be faced with Megatron and Starscream, both back from the dead... and Megatron wants leadership of the Decepticons back. Now.


Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Derek Yaniger
"Colorbot": Sarra Mossoff
"Letterbots": Richard Starkings with Gaushell
Editor: Rob Tokar

Featured characters

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"Come, my Decepticons... it's time we introduced ourselves to the good people of Earth."

—A grisly death. For Bludgeon, it's like saying hello.

"Aw, gee, boss... you sure know how to keep the troops smiling'."

Quake appreciates a benefits package that includes mindless destruction.

"You have something of mine — namely the leadership of the Decepticons. I want it back . . . over your dead body!"

Megatron's back and there's gonna be some trouble . . .

Covers (2)


Your worst nightmare... on acid!

  • American cover: Dinobots by Derek Yaniger
  • British cover: recolored version of U.S. cover


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