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Devcon is a Decepticon from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series continuity family.

Devcon[1] is a towering quadrupedal Decepticon. He is armed to the teeth, with rocket launchers, machine gun turrets, and two huge cannons mounted under his abdomen. He is a tough 'Con to deal with.


Dark of the Moon film


Devcon Firing on top of a building.

When Megatron launches his attack on Chicago, Devcon is one of the participants. He thunders down a street and blasts the fleeing humans with the help of a Decepticon fighter flying over head.

Later, when the Autobots make a break for it from a wrecked building, Devcon and a few other Decepticons climb a building and fire down at the fleeing Autobots, but Ratchet and Optimus manage to keep them back.


The Wreckers attacking Devcon

Later, when the Autobots make their final push to assist Optimus in taking down Sentinel Prime, the Wreckers confront Devcon. Topspin fires at him while Roadbuster launches two rockets at him, hitting him on the back. Just as Bumblebee and Ratchet succeed in taking down the Space Bridge pillar, Roadbuster, Topspin and Leadfoot finally bring down Devcon by climbing on him and blasting him in the head, killing him. Dark of the Moon


  • He was simply known as "The Cloverfield 'bot" and "Cloverjolt" among fandom because he violently resembles the monster from the 2008 film, Cloverfield. There are other fan-terms for him, including "Clover-Con", "Rumble" and "Stryker".
  • Devcon never transforms in the film. It is speculated that he turns into some kind of military vehicle with at least eight wheels that can be seen on his front legs alone and an undetermined amount can be seen on his back legs. It is possible he turns into a large Russian missile truck 9К72 «Эльбрус» (as shown in his concept art), he must have scanned that into his memory banks or his protoform resembled that either way that's what he looks like crazy right!:)


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