This article is about the combiner in Revenge of the Fallen, for the character called "Devastator" in the first film, see Brawl (Movie). For other meanings of the name, see Devastator (disambiguation).

Devastator is a giant Decepticon warrior formed by eight or nine Constructicon Decepticons

His components are (film):

Sometimes omitted:

Other configurations (toyline):

Hungarian name: Pusztító ("Destroyer")
Chinese name: 大力神 ("Hercules")


Revenge of the Fallen film

Voice Actor: Frank Welker (English), Yasuyoshi Hara (Japanese)

Devastator uses his turbine to suck up sand.

Devastator took part in the climatic Battle Of Egypt. In Egyptian desert, the Constructions met up in a quarry and combined to form Devastator. The massive Decepticon starts up his turbines and sucks up everything and Mudflap, who grips onto the edge of his mouth. He fights Leo, Simmons, Skids and Mudflap and is mostly victorious. He sucks up Mudflap, but Mudflap escapes, blowing up one of his optics. He nearly sucks up Simmons, but Leo saves him. Then he fights with the twins, in their very single moment of being awesome. However, after Mudflap accidentally shoots Skids in the face, he makes his way to one of the pyramids and uses his turbines to suck the top off, revealing the Sun Harvester. In the end, Devastator is destroyed when a rail gun fired from a nearby US Navy destroyer blasted his right arm on agent Seymour Simmons' orders. It is unknown whether some Constructions survived or not.

Revenge of the Fallen game


Not Abominus, either.

Autobot Campaign

Devastator attacks Cairo. Bumblebee is sent to destroy him, but has to not only destroy his henchmen but he also has to deal with an endless supply of Onslaught drones. Eventually he is defeated though. In the Wii version, he fights prime and of course dies.


  • Constructicon Devastator (Supreme, 2009)

Wonder if there'll be any "Robort not munky" complaints.

Devastator's Supreme Toy is a giftset that contains the six construction vehicles that make up his body. Unfortunately, the separate parts only have a body part mode and vehicle mode, no robot mode due to how hard it would be to engineer it and still be movie-accurate. If you want the Constructicons that have robot modes, you'll have to buy them separately. Clever.
The feet, comprised of Long Haul and Rampage, are ridiculously small compared to the rest of the body, giving Devastator the look of a gorilla. The figure's biggest flaw however is in its electronic sound system. It's activated by a motion sensor that goes off if you so much as breathe on it. To further complicate matters, the Mixmaster component was not manufactured with an on/off switch, which means that the only way to shut the thing up is by removing its batteries.
Interestingly, Supreme class Devastator does not include Overload.
  • Constructicon Devastator (Mega Power Bots, 2009)


This Devastator toy is a 34.99 USD mockery of Devastator. He has an altmode, which is made just by turning him onto his stomach. It is incredibly movie-inaccurate, seriously, the vortex grinder was moved to his CHEST. He also has a large amount of extra meat made up of the vehicle parts.
Good news: Each member combines with his fellow Constructicons, and features a lever-activated gaping maw, lights, sounds, and speech that sounds like Arthur Burghardt, the original voice of Devastator. Bad news, for the sake of being as accurate as can be, he only transforms into a head. Additionally, he makes noise with every action, and won't shut up, even in vehicle mode. Seriously. He WILL NOT Shut up. Any single movement or touch, even a slight one will cause him to go "RARRORRARARRRAAARRR!!!".
  • Transformers RPM: Devastator Showdown (Playset, 2009)
  • Constructicon Devastator (Legends, 2009)

Totally out of scale of my movie version of me! I want my toy to be an exclusive one!!!

These are the smallest versions of the Constructicons, with limited articulation and simplified transformation. Since they don't have to be as accurate to the film as bigger toys, they have vehicle modes, robot modes and can combine into Devastator.
The Transformers included are Overload, Scrapper, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Long Haul, Rampage and Hightower.


  • Devastator (Robot Heroes, 2009)

This version of Devastator is a bit bigger than typical Robot Heroes figure (standing five inches, including raised hand), but has the same articulation. Surprisingly, his left leg is coloured reddish-orange, in contrast to Supreme Devastator's yellow leg.


This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.



The early concept art of Devastator. Apparently, he was gonna be a giant metal doughnut on wheels.

  • According to his box bio, Devastator is named after terrible wind from Cybertron's equator, which can never occur on Earth.
  • The name "Devastator" was mistakenly given to Brawl in the first film. Michael Bay reported that he liked this name better, as it sounded more dangerous than Brawl.
  • The humanoid modes of three of the vehicles that make up Devastator are not seen in the film, just like the Supreme version of the toy.
  • For a long time, many people thought that Demolishor was, in fact, a part of Devastator. This was later proved wrong, as some information from novelization leaked to the web. In fact, there are two Decepticons with the Terex alt-mode: Demolishor (mostly white, but his first toy had mostly red on it though) was killed by Autobots, while Scavenger (mostly red) forms Devastator's torso.
  • It is interesting that this may be the first Transformer to have weight problems. Devastator is, in fact, so heavy he can't move on two legs, but is forced to crawl on all fours. So far no other Transformer has had such a problem, as we could see in the film The Transformers: The Movie, when Unicron was standing on top of Cybertron, instead of sinking into the surface.
    • If the Constructicons weigh as much as their vehicle modes would, Devastator would weigh approximately 1650 tones, excluding the "hand loader" (see below).
  • His suction vortex somewhat resembles the Nemesis' tractor beam, used by Megatron against the Ark in the Beast Wars episode Nemesis Part 2. It has similar gears and blades inside, along with light behind them, though Devastator's are orange, while Nemesis' are green. However, in early CGI concepts (top of the page) Devastator was shown with green light in his mouth, so everything fits.
  • Shawn Kelly, the lead animator, stated that the Devastator file caused a computer to overheat and its insides to melt.[1] Awesome.
  • It is uncertain if Devastator was actually killed. He was shot by a railgun, but being composed of several robots, he might have survived, although some Constructicons might have been killed (Scavenger and Overload seem obvious), yet they can be replaced by other ones. However, the novelization depicts him as dead and blown into pieces by the blast with Leo, even using one as a sled to reunite with the others and Simmons nearly getting hit by some after Devastator is destroyed. Although we know that novels and movies don't like each other and may bear some differences.
  • It seems that there are two front-loaders that combine to form Devastator. Scrapper forms Devastator's right arm, while another unnamed loader forms the left wrist and hand (combining with Hightower). The "hand loader" can be seen transforming to the left of Long Haul, then attaching to Hightower. This would mean that Devastator has eight combining robots, instead of seven (or six if going by the Supreme class). Also worth noting is that either Scrapper is significantly larger than the "hand loader", or the unnamed front-load shovel is very small (the size of Ironhide or slightly bigger).
    • Also, there appears to be two "Long Hauls" that combine into Devastator. One is clearly seen sitting next to Leo and Simmons, and even beginning to transform. While another dump truck approaches from the top of the quarry along with the "Rampage" bulldozer. Mixmaster and Scrapper were also seen in two settings occurring at the same time.


Balls of Steel!

  • The Constructicons individual intellects are lost upon combining which could explain why Devastator's Intellect Tech Spec is a 2 while all his components are higher. This leaves Devastator seeming more like an animal than a cognizant soldier. For example, he is drawn to the top of the pyramid when Megatron calls his name, not unlike calling a dog.
  • Devastator is alarmingly endowed.


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