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== THIS WIKI IS SHIT ==<!--"Duh, gee Devastator, how you gonna get through these bars? I dunno, moron, suppose I devastate them? Duh, ok!"--><!--He devastates things. Devastates them right in the mouth.-->
|Image = [[Image:G1-devastator-ongoing.jpg|300px]]
|Name = Devastator
|Continuity = [[The Transformers (franchise)|The Transformers]]
|Japanese Name = Devastor
|Alternate Name =
|Affiliation = [[Decepticon]]s
|Subgroup = [[Constructicon (G1)|Constructicon]]s
|Function = Warrior
|Alternate Mode =
|Weapons =
'''Devastator''' is an immensely powerful warrior, and in that sense the combination of the [[Constructicon (G1)|Constructicon]]s into a merged being is a huge success. Mentally, on the other hand, he's very much less than the sum of his parts. Devastator's primitive psyche is limited to only the thoughts and actions on which all his components can agree, which results in raging bouts of destructive fury. Given the sheer power Devastator brings to these rages, [[Megatron (G1)|Megatron]] has no complaints.
Normally he is composed of the six Transformers...
*[[Scrapper (G1)|Scrapper (Leader)]] — right leg
*[[Hook (G1)|Hook]] — upper body
*[[Bonecrusher (G1)|Bonecrusher]] — left arm
*[[Long Haul (G1)|Long Haul]] — lower body
*[[Mixmaster (G1)|Mixmaster]] — left leg
*[[Scavenger (G1)|Scavenger]] — right arm
However, in at least one reality, he goes from being a six-robot combiner to a five-bot one, Hook and Mixmaster being replaced by [[Hightower (Classics)|Hightower]].
{{Quote|Nothing defeats the Devastator, nothing!|Devastator|"[[Heavy Metal War]]"}}
{{Quote|Prepare for extermination!!!|Devastator, The Transformers: The Movie.}}
:''Japanese name:'' '''Devastor''' (デバスター ''Debasutā'')<ref>Although the katakana in Devastator's Japanese name ends in ター, ''tā'', suggesting his Japanese name would be Devaster or Devastar, recent merchandise (such as Kabaya's [ G1 bottlecap figure collection]) has rendered his name in English as Devastor.</ref>, '''Devastator''' (デバステーター ''Debasutētā'')
:''French name (Canada):'' '''Dévastateur'''
:''German second TV dub and G2 name'': '''Vernichter''', occasionally '''Devastator'''
:''Hebrew name:'' '''Mashmidan''' (משמידן, "Destroyer")
:''Hungarian movie name (second dub):'' '''Mega-robot''', '''Pusztító'''
:''Hungarian Marvel name:'' '''Pusztító'''
:''Italian name:'' '''Uragan''' (Action Master)
:''Portuguese name (Portugal comic):'' '''Devastador'''
:''Portuguese name (Brazil comic):'' '''Devastador'''
:''Russian TV dub name:'' '''Разрушитель''' ("Devastator")
:''Serbian name:'' '''Devastator'''
:''Chinese name (Taiwan):'' '''Hǔei-mìeh Chě''' (毀滅者 "Annihilator" or "Devastator") / '''Róu-lìn Chě''' (蹂躪者 "Devastator")
:''Chinese name (China):'' '''Da Li Shen''' (大力神 "God of Strength" or "Titan")
===''The Transformers'' cartoon===
:''Voice actor:'' [[Arthur Burghardt]] (English), [[Seizō Katō]], [[Yutaka Shimaka]] (Japanese)
[[Image:Robo-Smasher and Omega Supreme.jpg|thumb|left|"Dude, stop fighting me, there's a mechanical bug on your shoulder!"]]
The Constructicons did not initially have the power to merge into Devastator. That ability was given to them by Megatron after he warped their minds into servitude with the [[Robo-Smasher]]. They used Devastator to hold [[Omega Supreme (G1)|Omega Supreme]] while the Robo-Smasher attempted to warp the guardian robot's mind. They failed and only served to create burning desire for vengeance in Omega. {{storylink|The Secret of Omega Supreme}}
Millions of years later, in 1984, Megatron had the Constructicons built on Earth to steal high-tech electronic components for his [[Power chip rectifier]] furnace, as well as tunneling under the ''[[Ark (G1)|Ark]]'' to destroy [[Teletraan I (G1)|Teletraan I]]. Teletraan I, sensing the imminent danger, activated the [[Dinobot (G1)|Dinobots]]. The Dinobots responded and started pounding on the Constructicons, opening up a lava channel in the process. The battle not going in their favor, the Constructicons pulled out one last trick and combined into the super warrior, Devastator. And then all hell broke loose.
[[Image:Heavy Metal War Devastator.JPG|thumb|right|150px|"Nothing can withstand the might of... Devastator! Yay!"]]
The returning Autobots saw the battle between one giant psycho and five ticked off dinosaurs, but were unable to help (due to losing a tournament which prevented them from interfering with the Decepticons). Inside the ''Ark'', Teletraan-I was able to show that Megatron had cheated and the Autobots rushed outside to help the Dinobots. Distracted by one of [[Hound (G1)|Hound]]'s holograms , an Autobot even larger than himself, Devastator was shot by Optimus Prime and fell apart into the lava. {{storylink|Heavy Metal War}}.
Devastator was continuously called upon during the war on Earth. Some of his adventures include scaling the Empire State Building like King Kong {{storylink|City of Steel}} and helping [[Grapple]] and [[Hoist (G1)|Hoist]] build their solar tower {{storylink|The Master Builders}}. When Megatron attempted to tap the Earth's core to give the Decepticons a limitless supply of geothermal energy, Devastator defended the project from Autobot attack. To get around the giant combiner, [[Chip Chase]] and [[Wheeljack (G1)|Wheeljack]] created [[dominator disc]]s which forced the Constructicons, and thus Devastator, into serving the Autobots. Unfortunately, Megatron had anticipated this plan and built a device to override the dominator discs. When he turned Devastator against the Autobots, Wheeljack turned up the power on the dominator discs, which only served to fry Devastator's [[Circuits#Logic_circuits|logic circuits]] and sent him berserk, damaging the controls for Megatron's drill just as it was about to pierce the Earth's core. Working together, both factions restored Devastor to Megatron's control and sent him into the ground to take out the drill before it could destroy the Earth. Devastator was surprised by Megatron's cowardly absence after he returned surface, but merely believed Megatron left to plan their next attack. {{storylink|The Core}}
After Starscream attempted to overthrow Megatron (again) and was exiled for his troubles, he returned with a powerful team of Decepticon called the [[Combaticon (G1)|Combaticon]]s. During the subsequent battle between the two Decepticon factions, Devastator was soundly defeated by the Combaticons' combined form, [[Bruticus (G1)|Bruticus]]. {{storylink|Starscream's Brigade}}.
[[Image:TFTM Devastator.jpg|thumb|left|250px|"Hey, put Sludge down!"<br> "Okay."<br> "No, wait!"]]
Devastator faced the Dinobots on several occasions, most notably in 2005 during the [[Battle of Autobot City|battle]] of [[Autobot City]] where he defeated [[Grimlock (G1)|Grimlock]] and [[Sludge (G1)|Sludge]] until [[Slag (G1)|Slag]] pushed him through a wall. Before [[Swoop (G1)|Swoop]] could get in, some rubble collapsed on him when Devastator attempted to dodge. After the defeat of Megatron and their retreat from Earth, the Decepticons argued amongst themselves who would lead them after Megatron's "death", Scrapper stated that since the Constructicons could transform into the powerful Devastator, they should rule. They proceeded to try to form Devastator, but were shaken apart mid-transformation by [[Rumble (G1)|Rumble]] and [[Frenzy (G1)|Frenzy]]. {{storylink|The Transformers: The Movie}}
In 2006, the defeated Decepticons had been exiled to the burnt-out world of [[Charr]]. When [[Astrotrain (G1)|Astrotrain]] returned from an energon run, the Constucticons fought over the few scraps of energon he brought back, but banded together to form Devastator. Menasor hacked Devastator apart with his sword and drove the Constructicons off. {{storylink|Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1}}
Later, the Constructicons formed Devastor when fighting the Autobots on [[Eurhythma]], but he was flattened when [[Broadside (G1)|Broadside]] landed on him in vehicle form, and was blasted apart into his component robots by [[Perceptor (G1)|Perceptor]]. {{storylink|Carnage in C Minor}} Late in the year 2006, Devastator and [[Predaking]] chased Broadside in the sea of [[Japan]], upsetting the local fishermen. {{storylink|The Burden Hardest to Bear}}
===Japanese cartoon continuity===
====''The Transformer'' manga====
====''Super-God Masterforce'' comic====
====''Zone'' cartoon and comic====
:''Voice actor:'' [[Hirohiko Kakegawa]]
Devastator was selected by [[Violen Jiger]] as one of his [[Nine Great Demon Generals]]. Given the rank of "Technology General" and gifted with a new bitchin' drill-weapon (not unlike the ones his toy had) and armor, Violen Jiger sent Devastator to [[Earth]] to steal the [[Zodiac]] energy before the Autobots could get it. After destroying the World Trade Center (Not cool, man, not cool!), Devastator drilled deep within the planet, reaching the Zodiac's chamber, and went toe-to-toe with [[Dai Atlas (G1)|Dai Atlas]]. He managed to get the Zodiac first and pass it off to [[King Poseidon]]. Devastator had the upper hand in battle until Dai Atlas opened a vein of hot lava upon the Decepticon. Devastator was washed away in the molten magma, apparently killed by it. (Although he did survive a lava dip years earlier in [[Heavy Metal War]], so who knows?) {{storylink|Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!}}
===Marvel comics continuity===
The Constructicons were the first (and, as it turned out, the last) new Decepticons created by [[Shockwave (G1)|Shockwave]] on Earth, using the residual power of the [[Creation Matrix]] that was within his captive [[Optimus Prime (G1)|Optimus Prime]]. Their first mission was to construct a massive communications dish, allowing [[Soundwave (G1)|Soundwave]] to broadcast a message to long-lost Cybertron. When the dish came under attack by a squad of Autobots, the Constructions merged to form Devastator, much to the surprise of the attacking Autobots.
Devastator was powerful and tough, but slow and confused as well. Soundwave was connected to the scrambler dish and unable to defend himself; when Huffer threatened to destroy the dish, it took Devastator quite some time to figure out which Autobot Soundwave wanted him to attack ("Destroy Autobot.... which Autobot.... not these Autobots...")
When [[Bomber Bill]] cut Soundwave's connections to the dish, causing feedback which destroyed it, he ordered the Constructions to disassemble and retreat, noting that their performance as a single unit had been "notably deficient." {{storylink|The Next Best Thing to Being There!}}
''Devastator subsequently went through much testing and enhancement to improve his operation and co-ordination. Both Soundwave and [[Ironhide (G1)|Ironhide]] noticed a much more fluid warrior. The Constructions were sent to kidnap [[Buster Witwicky (G1)|Buster Witwicky]] and formed Devastator to deal with Autobot interference, but were called off when Soundwave discovered something in Buster's mind. {{storylink|Devastation Derby!}} ''
Devastator reappeared when Optimus Prime led an Autobot offensive on the heavily fortified Decepticon coal mining base. The defenses held the Autobots to a standstill, and Shockwave ordered the Constructicons to merge to tip the balance in their favor. But the attack was a nothing but a ruse to draw out Devastator. [[Bumblebee (G1)|Bumblebee]] was monitoring the Constructicons' transformation pattern, and as soon as he successfully recorded it, Optimus Prime ordered a retreat. The information eventually allowed the Autobots to create their own team of [[combiner]]s, the [[Aerialbot]]s. {{storylink|Command Performances!}}
[[Image:Devastator rebuild.png|thumb|200px|Did they ''forget'' he'd need two legs or what?]]
''For some reason, the Constructicons were rendered incapable of combining at one point. Unwilling to lose Devastator's raw power, they attempted to construct a new and separate version of him in the Bahamas. [[Ironhide (G1)|Ironhide]] and [[Bumblebee (G1)|Bumblebee]] wrecked the project before it could be completed. {{storylink|Desert Island Risks!}}''
{{note|Classics is a [[splinter timeline]] that takes place after Marvel US continuity, but disregards ''Generation 2'' and Marvel UK material.}}
[[Image:Devastatormegatronastrotraincrossingover.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Mixmaster was voted off the combiner.]]
===Dreamwave comics continuity===
Devastator was the first combiner, the end result of the Constructicons' research into [[mass intellect]]. However, he suffered a huge drawback in that he would only do what his components agreed on, which was usually smash stuff. None the less, Megatron was pleased with Devastator's power, and authorized the [[Stunticon]]s and [[Combaticon (G1)|Combaticon]]s to undergo a similar process. When Megatron and [[Optimus Prime (G1)|Optimus Prime]] disappeared, the Decepticons and Autobots fractured, and signed the [[Crisis Intervention Accords]], ruling the [[Special Teams]] non-alinged. However, [[Ratbat (G1)|Ratbat]] managed to convince the Constructicons to side with the [[Ultracon]]s. The Constructicons formed Devastator when Ratbat tried to take the [[Tagan Heights]]. He battled [[Defensor]], but was eventually defeated when the [[Protectobot (G1)|Protectobot]]s forced the Constructicons to separate. {{storylink|The War Within: The Dark Ages}}
[[Image:DWPrimeDirective5_Devastator.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Who you callin a 'Dooooshh'?]]
Eventually, teams of Autobots and Decepticons left Cybertron in search of new fuel sources, only to crash land on a planet called Earth. Awakening in the Earth year of 1984, they resumed their war, but the Decepticons were defeated by the Autobots and their human allies. A great ship named ''[[Ark II]]'' was built to send the Transformers home, but it was sabotaged by General [[Robert Hallo]] and rogue engineer turned arms dealer [[Adam Rook]]. The ship exploded during the launch, scattering the Transformers across the Artic ocean. Rook recovered many Autobots and Decepticons, and reprogrammed them to serve him as weapons of war. {{storylink|Prime Directive issue 2}}
After Megatron freed the other Decepticons from Rook's control, he sent Devastator down the west coast of North America. Along the way, Devastator destroyed a US Navy submarine, before arriving at his destination, [[San Francisco]]. Devastator helped destroy the city until he was initially stopped by [[Superion (G1)|Superion]]{{storylink|Prime Directive issue 4}}, and finally put into stasis lock when Optimus Prime shot him point-blank in the head, sending him to the bottom of the San Fransisco Bay. {{storylink|Prime Directive issue 5}}
===IDW comics continuity===
{{spoiler|All Hail Megatron issue 2}}
[[Image:AHM2Devastator.jpg|thumb|left|170px|I'm back, baby.]]
[[Gestalt]] technology was invented by the scientist [[Jhiaxus (G2)|Jhiaxus]] many millions of years ago. The technology was intended to be the ultimate fusion in mind and matter between the participants, creating a massive and powerful new form. However, it also created a severe, murderous mental instability in the gestalt members, as seen in Jhiaxus' test subject, [[Monstructor]].
However, one year after the [[Expansion]], the Decepticons were able to acquire the secret somehow, and somehow solved the side effects of combination, possibly via the use of [[retcon|magic]]. On Earth, as the Decepticons began cutting off the humans' escape routes out of [[New York City]], Megatron ordered the Constructicons to unite. Forming Devastator, the behemoth waded into the waters around the city and began destroying the underwater tunnels. {{storylink|All Hail Megatron issue 2}}
===Generation One===
[[Image:G1devastator_toy.jpg|thumb|right|Devastator was here first, Scramble-boys!]]
*'''Devastator''' (Giftset, 1985)
**''Japanese ID number:'' '''D-37'''
: Normally, Devastator could only be assembled by buying all six individual Constructicons with the additional large-scale weapons components that were assigned to them. However, six-robot [[Giftset|gift sets]] were made available in many markets, including the US, Japan, and several European countries.
: Devastor's forearms are also spring-loaded missile launchers, able to fire his fists as well as his drill attachments, though the springs were severely weakened in the US [[for safety reasons]]. He also comes armed with a large purple laser rifle. Hook and Scavenger's pistols can also be easily added to him for a little extra firepower. While the others' pistols can be added as well, they're not in very useful positions.
: Unlike the later [[Scramble City]]-style combiners, Devastator's limbs cannot be rearranged into any other configurations.
[[Image:ActionMaster_Devastor.gif|thumb|150px|Scorpulator, alligator.]]
*'''Devastator with Scorpulator''' (Action Master, 1990)
**''Accessories'': Rifle
: A non-transforming action figure compatible with any other [[Action Master]] vehicle or accessory, Devastator's sculpt is a based largely on his original [[character model|animation model]], but with a great many toy-based elements added for extra detail. (Most notably, his head is based on the toy instead of the very different animation model.) He came with his small animal partner, [[Scorpulator]]. He was released as part of the second wave of carded Action Masters.
===Generation 2===
[[Image:G2Devastator_toy.jpg|thumb|right|150px|So [[neon]] and [[Playskool]]ish, even though real construction vehicles are yellow.]]
*'''Devastator''' (1993)
: During ''[[Generation 2]]'', the Constructicons were only available as individuals, never as a giftset. The team was released in two different colors: initially in yellow, then later in bright orange. All individual members are tampographed with the Generation 2 Decepticon symbol and the word "Decepticon". It has been rumored that the later orange version was [[exclusive]] to KB stores, but this has never been proven.
: ''Generation 2'' Devastator is almost functionally identical to the original release with the exception of the quality of the plastics used, though his forearms and fists were [[retool]]ed to completely remove the spring-loaded firing [[gimmick]].
[[Image:Devastatorclassics.jpg|thumb|And then there were five.]]
*'''Constructicon Devastator''' (Multi-pack, 2007)
: For ''[[Classics (2006)|Classics]]'', Devastator is a [[redeco]] of the ''[[Energon (franchise)|Energon]]'' combiner [[Constructicon Maximus]]. He was available only in a full five-pack, [[exclusive]] to Wal-Mart stores.
: Since the new classics combiner contains only five robots, rather than the original's six, the Constructicon team here contains only [[Bonecrusher (G1)|Bonecrusher]], [[Hightower (Classics)|Hightower]] (who may or may not be related to [[Hook (G1)|Hook]] and/or [[Mixmaster (G1)|Mixmaster]], as his bio seems to combine attributes of both), [[Long Haul (G1)|Long Haul]], [[Scavenger (G1)|Scavenger]] and [[Scrapper (G1)|Scrapper]]. Also, because of the combination method used, he can use any of the ''Energon''-series limb-robots. Hightower and Long Haul are identical except for color (being made using the same [[mold]]), as are Bonecrusher and Scrapper.
[[Image:Devastatorbust.jpg|thumb|right|See this bar? THIS IS '''YOU'''!]]
<!--"Duh, gee Devastator, how you gonna get through these bars? I dunno, moron, suppose I devastate them? Duh, ok!"-->
*'''Devastator''' (Bust, 2003)
:This bust of Devastor was released by Hard Hero, and was based on his G1 cartoon appearance.
*'''Devastator''' (KT Figure Collection, 2004)
:This is a diorama figure inspired by one scene from the "[[Battle of Autobot City]]" in ''[[The Transformers: The Movie]]''. The diorama contains not only Devastator, but also features [[Hot Rod]] and [[Arcee (G1)|Arcee]].
*'''Constructicon Devastator''' (Heroes of Cybertron, 2004)
:This PVC figure was based on the cartoon rendition of Devastator.
[[Image:Palisades_Devastator.jpg|thumb|right|130px|Brother, won't you spare a dime?]]
*'''Devastator''' (Statue, 2006)
:This statue of Devastator was released by Palisades.
*The name "Devastator" was used by Marvel Comics long before the Transformers series came about. In issue 186 of the second ''Incredible Hulk'' title (released in April 1975), a Russian supervillain named Kirov Petrovna, aka The Devastator, made his debut.<ref>[ Marvel's original "Devastator" at the Comic Book Database]</ref>
[[Image:PreDevastator.jpg|thumb|right|150px|This is why "revisions" exist.]]
[[Image:DevastatorManga1.jpg|right|150px|<!--He devastates things. Devastates them right in the mouth.-->]]
* Devastator's (or rather, his ''[[Diaclone]]'' counterpart's) concept design was decidedly less imposing than the final. Interestingly, it is only composed of five components, the core being a long-nosed truck cab.
* Devastator had two different [[animation model]]s in the original ''Transformers'' cartoon; at the least, he had two different head designs, one with a visor and one without. Sometimes his head would change designs within a single episode - the "visorless" look is how he appeared for the majority of [[Heavy Metal War]], but he appears with his visor on in a few shots. While both head designs would continue to be used (almost at random) in subsequent episodes, the visored design was used for his dramatic scene in [[The Transformers: The Movie]], and thus seems to have "won out"; it appears on all modern Devastator merchandise.
[[Image:G1DevastatorHeads.jpg|thumb|150px|Shades optional.]]
* Though a yellow version of the Constructicons were released in the European market at the tail end of Generation One, they did not come with any of the parts to form Devastator. In fact, [[Scavenger (G1)|Scavenger]] and [[Hook (G1)|Hook]] had the connector parts on their actual toys removed.
* The above are not to be confused with the very rarely-seen [[Milton Bradley]] releases, which had slightly different shades of yellow and purple, had [[rubsigns]] and actually did include all parts to form Devastator.
* Incidentally, in the episode "Heavy Metal War", it is the first and only time in the cartoon we see Prime shoot Devastator in the back, triggering a failsafe that forced him to revert back into his constituent parts Why this was never exploited again, especially in light of the infamous attack on Autobot City during the events of ''The Transformers: The Movie", remain a mystery.
* It has been rumored that the orange ''Generation 2'' Constructions were a KB Toys exclusive, but this is unconfirmed.
[[Image:DreamMix-Devastator.jpg|thumb|150px|right|Devastator WANT some FOOD!]]
* In later years, toys sporting the name "Devastator" required an additional "Constructicon" prefix for [[trademark]] reasons, hence making the official name "'''Constructicon Devastator'''".
* Devastator makes his cameo appearance in his ''Generation 2'' color scheme in the game ''[[DreamMix TV World Fighters]]''. However, his ''Generation 2'' toy was never officially sold in Japan.
*A statue of Devastator can be seen on the [ Stop Sector Seven] site.
*The Dreamwave profile mentions that Devastator's merging system is outdated--a reference to its pre-Transformer status and unusual six-member system. Allegedly, this is also why Devastator is so powerful (or at least that's what Megatron believes.) This follows the longstanding engineering adage (and science-fiction convention) that prototypes are better-engineered than production models.
* In ''[[w:c:robotchicken:Main Page|Robot Chicken]]'' episode "[[w:c:robotchicken:Dragon Nuts|Dragon Nuts]]" segment "[[w:c:robotchicken:Omaha's Number 1 News Team|Omaha's Number 1 News Team]], Devastator is shown along with the Megazord from Power Rangers and Voltron, all missing body parts due to the limbs not getting a flu shot. Reduced to a head and one arm, he is then drop-kicked into the distance by Optimus Prime.
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