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Devastator is an enormous combiner formed by several Constructicons. Named after the Devastator Winds, he was the result of numerous experiments on combination by Shockwave, creating a powerful beast whose intelligence was less than the sum of its parts.

He is composed of seven Decepticons:


Transformers: Exodus[]

Devastator first appeared in the fifth battle of the war with the Autobots, destroying the wall of Crystal City. Devastator reappeared to fight for supremacy over the Tagan Heights with the Wreckers and then the Autobots' own combiner Defensor. He chased a pair of Autobot Minicon saboteurs, inadvertently destroying the research facilities that had helped create the Autobot combiner.

Transformers: Retribution[]

During the massive Sharkticon invasion of Cybertron, Devastator attacked the armada in the hopes of killing Tyrannicon, the leader of the invading force. Although Devastator and his component robots managed to destroy Tyrannicon's flagship, they could not take down the general himself, who bested the combiner in combat.



  • Unlike many Exodus characters, Devastator is based more heavily on his Revenge of the Fallen counterpart than the Generation 1 character. This is clear in there being multiples of the Constructicons, and the reference to the Devastator Winds.
  • Devastator is five times smaller than Trypticon.