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"These are MY enemies!"

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The Reapers battle the Decepticons, who get some help from Galvatron; Hunter completes his transformation; the Autobots leave Earth.


In the Machination's Tampa, Florida headquarters, an employee reports to the damaged Transformer that Hunter is trapped in the well-guarded bodyshop. The Transformer orders his men not to engage and speaks to agent Dante, now in Headmaster attire. Dante prepares to become the head for... Scorponok, revealed as severely damaged. Hunter struggles with the Headmaster process as scientists mess with the real head of Sunstreaker. Scorponok smashes through the wall just as Hunter figures out how to transform, suddenly speaking with Sunstreaker's voice. A cloned body picks up the head and attaches it, but complains that the scientists' prodding is slowing him down. Scorponok attacks but Sunstreaker — despite some personal pronoun trouble — is able to transform, blast a hole in the wall and escape.

In the battle with the Reapers, the Decepticons fight valiantly, but are outnumbered. As Starscream states his loyalty, Megatron transforms to become his sidearm. The Battlechargers don't fare so well, though; both are killed while being observed by Galvatron. Galvatron lends a hand by turning the Deathbringer into a death-dealing zombie, who kills other Reapers by touch. With the odds tipping in their favor, Megatron gives the order for the Seekers to attack the Reapers' ship while he and the Triple Changers attack the rest of the ground forces. When the battle is won, Megatron contemplates dismembering Blitzwing, but Starscream interrupts with the info that the Air Force is attacking.

At Warsaw, Hot Rod is utterly dominating the battle with the Headmasters, until it's down to just him and one other, who calls for help. Hardhead assists Hot Rod by blowing up the last Headmaster clone and tells him about Optimus Prime's orders to evacuate. Hot Rod refuses to leave though, determined to find the root of the Headmaster mystery. Hardhead lets him go and (off-panel) takes Wheeljack and Ironhide back to the Ark-32. Aboard the ship, Optimus Prime speaks with Hound about rendezvousing at Garrus-9, and that he doesn't take leaving Earth or Sunstreaker lightly. Hound also sent info on Leadfoot's death to Nightbeat, who investigates the odd way in which he died. While investigating, he feels that he has seen the condition before and that someone has possibly interfered with his memory. He heads down to the hangar bay, and to the ship he once piloted to Gorlam Prime...

As the Ark-32 leaves orbit, Doctor Weston argues with Agent Red, stating that the "Bulwark Mechs" (Ravage and Laserbeak) are unaccounted for and that he doesn't have the time to activate a new one (Grimlock). Red says he must since they are at war and unlikely to get help.

Galvatron stares at the damaged form of Sixshot before returning to the Dead Universe. Though Nemesis Prime states he did good work, he confers with Jhiaxus, who suspects that Galvatron has hidden agendas and secrets.


Script: Simon Furman
Art: E. J. Su
Colors: Josh Burcham
Lettering: Chris Mowry
Editor: Andrew Steven Harris

Featured characters

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"You Headmasters have gone from serious threat to rank amateur in no time at all. Whatever edge you's gone!

Hot Rod's opinion of the Headmasters: They fail at life, and everything they try.

"There's trouble at Garrus-9 and we're the nearest big stick."

Hardhead demonstrates unparalleled brevity.

"You, who claim the title Deathbringer... Be one! You are now, for a brief, burning instant, a harbinger! Giver of the unlife!"

Galvatron, as he turns one of the Reapers on his own.

Items of note

  • Hot Rod's lower legs and the rear end of his vehicle mode are now red, rather than the blue he had previously. Josh Burcham stated that this was an artistic choice, and not a coloring mistake.
  • Nightbeat's chest is now a symmetrical "two-boob" affair, rather than the mirrored toy-based version he had previously.
  • The story is followed by a pin-up by Josh Burcham.
  • The inner rear cover contains the Transformers: Mosaic "Feeling Yellow".
  • This issue confirms that Scorponok is the puppet-master of the Machination, though he had been the primary suspect since Escalation.

Covers (3)

Devastation6 CoverB

You reap what you sow, pal.

  • Cover A: Megatron and Starscream Nick Roche and ??? (colors)
  • Cover B: Galvatron destroying the Reapers by E. J. Su
  • RI: Sketch cover (black and white of cover A)


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