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The Transformers: Devastation > Issue # 5
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The Reapers take on the Decepticons while Starscream makes his move.


In a flashback, Starscream discusses with Megatron about how the newly created Sixshot may be too powerful—what would happen if he turned on Megatron? Megatron, however, is not worried—he had the smarts to prepare an "off switch" for Sixshot, should he ever need it.

In the present, the Reapers attack the Decepticons' base. Megatron demands info from Blitzwing, who gives him obvious observations. Megatron is not impressed. He asks where Astrotrain is, and Blitzwing makes up a quick lie to hide the truth, which surprisingly gains a compliment to Astrotrain, "nice to know one of my flock isn't Completly useless" while the Bot in question is scheming with Starscream. Sixshot arrives and blasts a hole in the Reapers' ship.

On the Ark-32, Jazz (still missing his right arm) is watching as Ratchet attempts to zap Jimmy and Verity back to life. At this point, they have been technically dead for 5.62 Earth minutes and even if they are revived, "there's every chance that they'll have sustained critical brain damage." Ratchet manages to get their hearts beating again, but their brain status is unknown. Optimus Prime also has a conversation with Jetfire, who mentions Jhiaxus.

Wheeljack and Hot Rod are at the junkyard searching for Ironhide, but the Headmasters find them and take Wheeljack out by knocking some junk cars on top of him. Hot Rod then responds by playing chicken with the Headmaster (in vehicle mode), easily and effectively taking the "amateur" out of commission. But as soon as he does, two more Headmaster cars enter the scene.

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Holy sound effects, Batman!

At the Machination headquarters, Hunter emerges from the Headmaster process in pain. When a scientist sees him and sounds the alarm, Hunter punches him through the door with newfound strength. He makes his way to the "factory floor" and prepares to take one of the Sunstreaker clone bodies for a spin.

As the Reapers attack Decepticon headquarters, they continue their attempts to recruit Sixshot. He refuses, but they make it clear that they will destroy the Decepticons if he refuses. Starscream then finally makes his presence known, calling out Sixshot. This apparently pushes Sixshot to side with the Reapers, as he thanks Starscream for "making this decision that much easier." It's a short fight, though. Starscream says "Reset: Pi-Orion-Actual-Orbit. Enable" and then Sixshot crashes violently to the ground. It appears this phrase code was the "off switch" that Megatron alluded to in the flashback. Starscream then proceeds to bomb the Reapers heavily. Having witnessed Starscream's return, Megatron informs Astrotrain and the others that he "sees everything so very clearly now." But putting all that aside, Megatron sees the matter at hand and orders the Decepticons to attack the Reapers.

On Ark-32, Prime informs Prowl that they need to retrieve Wheeljack and Hot Rod. They are pulling out to see to one of those other crises Prowl mentioned earlier: The secure facility on Garrus-9 has been breached, and Prime and company need to make sure that some of the "recent inmates" there don't end up "in enemy hands." Earth is going to have to deal with the Decepticons and Reapers on its own.

However, a Skywatch bigwig gives the order to "take whichever of the Eureka-six (that) is most advanced and get them prepped for combat." The final frame indicates that it will be Grimlock.


Script: Simon Furman
Art: E. J. Su
Colors: Zac Atkinson with Josh Burcham and Kris Carter
Lettering: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Andrew Steven Harris and Chris Ryall

Featured characters

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Megatron: "Who are they?"
Blitzwing: "We don't know, Megatron."
Megatron: "What do they want?"
Blitzwing: "Er, ditto."
Megatron: "Tell me something, Blitzwing, or so help me, I'll eviscerate you as thoroughly as I did Starscream!"
Blitzwing: "Um. They're...alien. A mishmash of species. And they're, er...HOSTILE!"
Megatron: "You don't say."

Megatron doesn't buy Blitzwing's bluffing.


  • Thundercracker is colored purple in 2 frames.
  • Ratchet's head and chevron color are again colored differently than usual.
  • Runamuck and Runabout's colors are switched in the second panel of page 4.

Items of note

  • In the Decepticomments section, editor Andrew Steven Harris answers mail and reminds readers about a contest to give him a Transformers name.
  • On the inner rear cover, Transformers: Mosaic issue "The Curse" is featured.
  • The Eureka Six is presumably Shockwave and the Dynobots.

Covers (3)

Devastation5 coverB

I can't quit you, Megatron.

  • Cover A: Starscream screaming by E. J. Su
  • Cover B: Starscream and Megatron by Nick Roche and Josh Burcham (colors)
  • RI: Sketch cover (black and white of cover B)


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