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Nice jugs. I mean, watch out, giant robots fighting!

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It's a battle royal when Optimus Prime and the Autobots take on Sixshot.


Skywatch wishes to recall their "Seekers", Ravage and Laserbeak, but cannot due to a competing signal from Soundwave, still in cassette player mode and in the bedroom of the boy who purchased him.

Meanwhile, the battle between Sixshot and the Autobots heats up. Bumblebee is injured and Ratchet sees to him while Nightbeat tries to ready the Ark-32 for an orbital bounce. Verity and Jimmy notice that the battle is far from secret as a news helicopter investigates. The military is also alerted and send in a bomber force to obliterate all combatants.

Wheeljack and Hot Rod arrive with minutes to spare at the impound lot. They break in but realize that the lot is huge and may have a hard time locating Ironhide. The Headmasters have lost track of them but continue to search. They pick up on a police signal alerting them of the impound lot break-in. Speaking of Headmasters, Hunter and Sunstreaker initiate the painful process to plug Hunter into Sunstreaker's mind.

Verity and Jimmy try to tell a cop that there are good and evil robots but he doesn't want to hear it. They steal his megaphone and later a speedboat to warn the Autobots about the air strike. As Sixshot rips off Jazz's arm and engages Prime directly, Ratchet tells Prime of the humans' warning and he has the other Autobots bounced to the Ark-32 while he remains behind to be sure of Sixshot's defeat. Unfortunately the orbital jump seems to have killed Verity and Jimmy.

The Reapers arrive and immediately attack Decepticon headquarters. They recall Sixshot so Prime orders Nightbeat to bounce him out, just in the nick of time before the bombs drop. The Decepticons are called to arms but Astrotrain (under the protest of Blitzwing) checks on the now-revived Starscream, who now seems confident enough to take on anyone.


Script: Simon Furman
Art: Robby Musso
Colors: Zac Atkinson and Liam Shalloo
Lettering: Amauri Osorio
Editor: Andrew Steven Harris

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans Others



"Frag. What does it take to put this one down? Heavy artillery, that's what!"

Hardhead answers his own questions!

"You've got a bad reputation, Sixshot. Here's where we separate the truth from the hyperbole."
"You're right. Enough hard sell. Let's skip to the clincher!"

Optimus Prime and Sixshot throw down and exchange taunts.


  • Ratchet's head and chevron color change throughout the issue. This has been a recurring error in several issues.

Items of note

  • The long-absent Decepticomments section returns, introduced by ChrisCharger. New editor Andrew Steven Harris answers mail and announces a contest to give him a Transformers name.
  • On last page before the rear cover, Transformers: Mosaic issue "Ghost in the Machine" is featured.
  • A few Easter Eggs are featured in this issue. Skywatch refers to Ravage and Laserbeak as their "Seekers". Soundwave's owner has a poster of movie Bumblebee in his room. The K-IDW news helicopter is seen flying overhead. Also, the impound lot named "Wreck-n-Rule", a reference to a slogan used by the Wreckers.
  • Soundwave's owner is totally lost in the 1980s. Not only does he have the early-80s micro-cassette player Soundwave, he's got a poster for Journey's 1981 album, Escape on his wall.
  • Sixshot is REALLY BIG compared to the Autobots, most of whom barely come up to his waist. This is fairly consistent with his portrayals in "The Rebirth, Part 1" and Headmasters (or as consistent as scale can be in Transformers).
  • Sixshot's height throughout the Devastation series itself is not consistent.

Covers (3)

Devastation 4b


  • Cover A: Optimus Prime vs Sixshot by E. J. Su
  • Cover B: Hunter becomes a Headmaster by Nick Roche and Josh Burcham
  • RI: Sketch cover (black and white of cover B)


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