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Sixshot goes Autobot hunting.


Within the Pentagon, military staff discuss the lockdown of all air traffic after the crash of Ark-19. During the meeting, Deacon takes a call from Senator Alexander Holt, revealing both men to be plotting something.

Meanwhile, in Alabama, Ratchet activates the self-destruct mechanism of the escape pod from which he has just emerged. Though Verity is injured, Ratchet urges them to board his vehicle mode, as they have to leave quickly. However, his holomatter avatar proves more than capable of treating her (albeit lacking in bedside manner) as they travel. He explains to the humans that Sixshot is a living weapon, but impossible to assess regarding the threat he poses due to there being no surviving witnesses of his firepower. As if on cue, Sixshot swoops down and opens fire.

In Indiana, the Machination Headmaster fails to impress the brash Hot Rod, who claims that he's no Sunstreaker. The Headmaster boasts in return that he has all of Sunstreaker's capabilities and more. Beyond this, he reveals that the Machination knows everything about the Autobots due to having downloaded their captive's data banks. Hot Rod counters this by saying that Wheeljack is constantly developing new inventions and that Sunstreaker never paid much attention to their development. This proves useful, as the Headmaster is unable to counter a gyro-inhibitor shell from Wheeljack. The threat neutralized, the two Autobots escape. Time is running out, and they need to reach Ironhide before he is demolished.

In the Machination facility in Florida, the detached head of Sunstreaker explains to Hunter O'Nion that he is the center node of the network that controls and coordinates the Headmaster units. He further reveals that Hunter himself has been made a Headmaster and again begs for death as an end to his pain. He says that the way they are using him to hunt and kill Autobots is torture. Hunter instead replies that there are more cloned bodies within the city, and he asks Sunstreaker to help him learn to use his Headmaster abilities.

In Alabama, Ratchet and the humans gain a reprieve as the United States Air Force locks on to Sixshot. Though Jimmy expresses concern for the pilots, Ratchet grimly states that it's their only chance to escape. While Sixshot is distracted, they cross the state line into Florida. Ratchet hides amongst the ambulances of a local hospital, but Sixshot soon arrives in tank mode and starts blasting them one by one until Ratchet is forced to flee. In transit, Ratchet lets Jimmy and Verity out and tells them to hide, as he can no longer protect them. He speeds off, but is quickly cornered as he runs out of road. Transforming, he prepares to meet Sixshot head-on. However, he finds he doesn't have to, as the remainder of the Ark-19 crew emerge from the nearby water to back him up, blasting Sixshot.

In Earth's orbit, the Reapers agree that Earth is too valuable a strategic resource and vow to destroy it to keep it out of the hands of either faction.

Meanwhile, in the Dead Universe, Nemesis Prime orders Galvatron to travel to Earth at once.


Script: Simon Furman
Art: Nick Roche
Colors: Zac Atkinson
Lettering: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Dan Taylor

Featured characters

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  • Nemesis Prime's text bubble comes from Galvatron and vice versa.
  • Ratchet's head is white and his visor is red, reversed of what they should be (see cover image).

Items of note

  • On the final page of the cover, a Transformers: Mosaic issue ("Reason") is featured.
  • Ratchet finds cover at a wrecked gas station that uses the brand name "Dark Stone". Hmmm...
  • The news team covering the Florida destruction works for station K-IDW, a reference to IDW Publishing. They're the same crew that just missed getting footage of Blitzwing, way back in Infiltration issue 3. That incident happened in Riverside, California, on the opposite end of the country. As a K* station, KIDW's home town must be located west of the Mississippi (stations east of the Mississippi start with a W.)
  • Two cars below Ironhide at the junk yard is a Porsche with a license plate reading "DREAM".
  • McTackle's the Pensacola, Florida bait shop Ratchet parks in front of could be an incredibly bizarre reference to the Autobot Machtackle from the Japanese Victory franchise.
  • Sixshot's alternate modes are huge, although in robot mode he was about the same size as Megatron. This may indicate he has some form of mass displacement.
  • Simon Furman confirmed on his blog that Nemesis Prime is the even more evil, Dead Universe version of Nova Prime.
  • The Roche cover (at top) is a reference to an ad poster for the Hitchcock film North by Northwest.

Covers (3)

Devastation 3a

Hot Rod likes Tae Bo

  • Cover A: Wheeljack and Hot Rod by E. J. Su
  • Cover B: Sixshot and Ratchet by Nick Roche
  • RI: Sketch cover (black and white of cover B)


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