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Sixshot sings the blues.

The Transformers: Devastation > Issue # 2
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Things were bad enough for the Autobots. Now they get worse.


Dealer tries to get Hot Rod to ask Prowl for permission for Dealer to travel to Earth. Hot Rod has more important items on his agenda, like rescuing Ironhide with Wheeljack. They are interrupted by an attack from a gang of Sunstreaker clones, but they hesitate to destroy the clones in case one is actually Sunstreaker. They disable two of the clones but three surround them. The Autobots transform, but so does one of the clones, who removes his head... which transforms!

The Ark-19, blasted by Sixshot last issue, is about to crash but they are able to maneuver to a coastline, avoiding the destruction of a residential neighborhood. Ratchet takes the humans into an escape pod and jettisons away while Prime orders the ship's data transferred to the Ark-32. Prime also orders the Ark-19 to self-destruct, which it does after it hits the water. Sixshot observes the destruction, which he reports to Megatron, but also relays the news about the escape pod. Megatron orders the survivors killed and brushes off an indignant Astrotrain in the process. Blitzwing informs Astrotrain that Starscream is awake.

Dante and the Machination observe an inert Hunter, who pretends to be a blank slate until Dante and the tech leave the room. He reveals that he used a mantra to resist the drugs and hypnosis and he attempts to find out what they've done to him. While the Machination observes the battle, Hunter sneaks around the complex and discovers the real Sunstreaker's detached head with many cables and wires attached. Sunstreaker begs for Hunter to kill him.


Script: Simon Furman
Art: E. J. Su
Colors: Zac Atkinson
Lettering: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Dan Taylor

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans Others



  • Hot Rod's left leg appears to be drawn wrong-side out on the second-to-last page.

Items of note

  • On the final page of the cover, a Transformers: Mosaic issue ("Rain") is featured.
  • When the crashing Ark-19 nearly misses the neighborhood, some of the objects blown about by the resulting wind include a yellow car with black racing stripes and a newspaper with the headline "PROJECT ICEMAN". Sounds like something out of a movie, huh?

Covers (3)

Devastation 2 roche

Will the real Sunstreaker please stand up?

  • Cover A: Sixshot by E. J. Su
  • Cover B: Hot Rod by Nick Roche
  • RI: Sketch cover (black and white of cover B)


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