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The Transformers: Devastation > Issue # 1
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As the Autobots discover their base is compromised, Megatron ups the stakes.


In examining the data storage device that Verity swiped from Rogue-1, Nightbeat discovers a high-tech tracking device. He sends Bumblebee to scout the Lake Michigan area and he reports that they are surrounded with surveillance equipment. Nightbeat recommends moving the Ark-19 and Optimus Prime agrees. Hot Rod (who has been reformatted into an Earth car) and Wheeljack receive word from Ratchet that Ironhide is scheduled to be crushed in a compactor, so they rush to rescue him.

Megatron briefs Sixshot that he wants the Autobots eliminated. Sixshot is confused, believing it to be too early for Phase Six but Megatron doesn't care—he just wants the job done. The other Decepticons seem to think that Megatron has lost it and is destroying their efforts at infiltration but are unwilling to confront him. Astrotrain and Blitzwing later go to consult with Starscream, who is being repaired in a CR chamber.

Skywatch has reprogrammed Ravage and plans to use him to track down the other Transformers.

Sideswipe interrupts a transmission between Hound and Optimus Prime and states that with Thunderwing gone, they should be assisting the Autobots on Earth. Hound apologizes for Sideswipe's outburst, but Optimus agrees, giving the order for Hound's unit to travel to Earth and assigning Jetfire to supervise the decommissioning of Bludgeon's base.

The Autobots plan to move the Ark-19 to the Gulf of Mexico, but they are reported on by Ratbat, who informs Megatron. Megatron sends Sixshot to destroy the Autobots, and he blasts a hole in the Ark-19, sending it down over Knoxville, Tennessee.


Script: Simon Furman
Art: E. J. Su
Colors: Zac Atkinson
Lettering: Chris Mowry
Editor: Dan Taylor

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans Others



  • On page 18 the car doors on Nightbeat's hands are wrong way.

Items of note

  • Thunderwing was abducted from Hound's unit in Spotlight: Galvatron.
  • Ratbat has his familiar "bat" mode, unlike how he appeared in Megatron Origin. However his alternate mode does not seem to be a cassette, likely due to the fact that Soundwave has been missing for over a decade. A "back" button is visible on one of his wings, along with a battery door and other buttons that may indicate a portable CD player.
  • Hardhead appears to have been reformatted into a heavy gun-armed Earth APC.

Covers (3)

Can someone get these kids some new clothes?

  • Cover A: Bumblebee E. J. Su
  • Cover B: Prime, Ratchet, Verity and Jimmy by Nick Roche
  • Cover RI: Sketch cover (black and white of cover B)