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Soundwave and the Constructicons attempt to abduct Buster Witwicky.

Marvel UK issue #61-62

(Story also appears in: Second Generation)

Script: Simon Furman
Art: Will Simpson
Lettering: Mike Scott
Colours: John Burns
Editor: Ian Rimmer

  • Originally published: May 17–24, 1986


Soundwave is training Devastator after his disappointing first battle. Shockwave then sends them to capture Buster, who is attending a demolition derby with Jesse. Sparkplug, meanwhile, shows Prime a drawing Buster did while having a nightmare. Prime sends a team led by Smokescreen to watch over the human. The Constructicons arrive and battle the Autobots, before forming Devastator. Just then, Buster collapses.

While Devastator delays the Autobots, Soundwave is able to scan Buster's mind. Smokescreen is able to confront the Decepticon, but is surprised when Soundwave immediately offers to retreat. The Autobots take Buster back to the Ark, while Soundwave reports to Shockwave, telling him thanks to the Matrix, Buster has a vision of the future of the Transformers race.


Issue #61: There's a blank speech bubble on page 3. Shockwave's eye is purple instead of yellow throughout. Long Haul's name is spelled "Longhaul". Issue #62: Soundwave's eyes are uncoloured on page 7, and in the first frame of page 8.

Items of note

Buster had mental possession of the Matrix earlier in the series.




  • This issue was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Second Generation".
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