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The Protectobots learn the value of teamwork. Jetfire begins his search for the meaning to all the mayhem.


Springer dives at Ratbat, angry at the Ultracons for violating the Crisis Intervention Accord by releasing Devastator. Ratbat fights back, accusing Springer's Wreckers of being hypocrites.

Beneath Virtue's Forum in the Autobase, Jetfire wonders out aloud to Trailbreaker and Bluestreak if the recent battles have been occurring as part of a pattern. The two Autobots leave Jetfire to investigate a potential pattern.

Prowl and a team of Autobots explore the border regions of Iacon searching for the new Decepticon Mobile Command Base. But soon as they arrive at the Praetorus Wharf, they discover they're actually driving across the base they were looking for.

Back at the Tagan Heights, Devastator and Defensor continue to rumble, causing the industrial area to become progressively more unstable. The Wreckers find themselves trapped by flames and explosions. Springer attempts to reason with Defensor, but Devastator won't let Springer be heard. The Protectobots disassemble from Defensor and work as a team to electrocute Devastator into separation.

Deep within the Autobase, Jetfire decides his search for a pattern behind the skirmishes and the truth behind the pattern would be helped with the mind of another... the intellectual Shockwave. Sending Shockwave a message of forced rationale, the Decepticon agrees to rendezvous. But Grimlock overhears the communication.

Featured characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons


  • Trypticon is said to be recently created, yet he was seen in one of Megatron's monitors in the first The War Within, set much earlier. Maybe he existed, but not in base mode, if you really want to stretch it.


"Yes... please do. I'm rather in need of a proper workout.
It's really very good of you to volunteer!"

Trypticon is a classy bloke.

Items of note[]

  • Cameos: the Constructicons (unconscious)
  • The "Wavelengths" section contains an article from the desk of Alan Wang, Beauty is Only Sword Deep!!
  • The "Declarations of War" page has reader mail answered by... I'm going to guess Matt Moylan.



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