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The Transformers: Devastation is a 6-issue comic-book mini-series published by IDW Publishing in 2007/2008, and set in the main IDW continuity. It directly follows The Transformers: Escalation, and ramps up the action even further for the Generation One Transformers. As the Autobots discover that the humans are aware of the location of their base, Megatron summons Sixshot to Earth to hasten its... well, devastation!

It is issues #17-22 in the IDW overarching "sub-numbering" (shown by a number in an Autobot-sigil shaped shield beside the bar code on each issue).

Devastation issues:

Preceded by: Escalation
Followed by: Revelation


After discovering that their position has been compromised, the Autobots plan to move the Ark-19 to the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately they are intercepted by Sixshot, who has been ordered by Megatron to terminate the Autobots. Sixshot disables the Ark-19 and the Autobots are forced to make a crash landing into the closest shoreline, ejecting an escape pod containing Ratchet, Verity and Jimmy. The ship's data is sent to the Ark-32 before it self-destructs in the ocean. Sixshot is convinced that the Autobots are destroyed and tracks Ratchet to finish his task. After chasing him around a bit to the ocean's edge, he's about to deliver the final blow when the other Autobots emerge and give him battle. Nightbeat manages to bounce the Autobots back to the Ark-32 before they are destroyed by an air attack. Sixshot leaves to deal with trouble at Decepticon headquarters.

Meanwhile, the other Decepticons are upset that Megatron has ruined their efforts at infiltration by bringing in Sixshot, so Astrotrain and Blitzwing awaken Starscream, who is being repaired in a CR chamber after being blasted by Megatron in Infiltration. Starscream awakens as the Reapers attack and rejoins the Decepticon cause, though he still has his own agenda. When the Reapers try to recruit Sixshot as before, he refuses until his rival Starscream taunts him. As he moves to attack, Starscream utters Sixshot's shutdown code, causing him to crash.

Prior to the attack on the Ark-19, Hot Rod and Wheeljack embarked on a mission to rescue Ironhide, who was seriously injured in an explosion. Escalation issue 6 En route, they are forced to deal with a gang of Sunstreaker clones whom they discover are actually Headmasters, controlled by the Machination. At the Machination's headquarters, Hunter, a Headmaster himself, sneaks around and discovers the real Sunstreaker's detached head. Although initially wishing to die, Sunstreaker agrees to help Hunter fully become a Headmaster so he can help the Autobots. They complete the process just in time to avoid destruction by the Machination's leader Scorponok, now a Headmaster himself with the help of Mister Dante. Hunter/Sunstreaker escape the facility.

Two sinister external forces have their eyes on Earth. The Reapers have been observing since their encounter with Sixshot and determine that Earth must be destroyed. They start with Decepticon headquarters. Observing this from the Dead Universe is Nemesis Prime (the former Nova Prime) and Jhiaxus who have plans for Earth and send Galvatron to bring things under control. He does by making the lead Reaper destroy his brethren, thinning out the lot until the Decepticons get the edge to finish the job. The Battlechargers are casualties, and the Decepticons now have to deal with the human military.

Meanwhile, Skywatch has reprogrammed Ravage and Laserbeak with plans to use them to track down the other Transformers. Their efforts are hampered by Soundwave, who recently came back online. They plan to activate Grimlock instead.

Upon urging from Sideswipe, Optimus Prime agrees to let Hound's unit travel to Earth and assigns Jetfire to supervise the decommissioning of Bludgeon's base. Later however, an incident on Garrus-9 Spotlight: Arcee requires Prime's team to evacuate the Earth and also divert Hound's team to deal with the crisis.

Creative team

The creative team from Infiltration and Escalation (writer Simon Furman and penciller E. J. Su) reunited for the bulk of Devastation. However Su's paternity leave meant he was unable to pencil the entire arc. Nick Roche took over for issue 3, with Robby Musso working on issue 4. Su returned for issues 5 and 6.


Bonus material includes each cover in the series and an interview with Simon Furman. Also, the TPB corrects many errant speech bubbles and coloring errors. It wields the number #4 on its side.
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