Detection is the twenty-seventh episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on March 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



Jetfire looks through video logs of previous battles, meanwhile the Decepticons try to discover the spy in their ranks.


The episode begins with a scene at the Autobot base with Smokescreen and Jetfire arm wrestling and Hot Shot, Blurr, and the kids watching. After the quick scene it skips to the Decepticon's base where Thrust is apologizing to Megatron for his failed battle tactics. Thrust then implies that the Decepticons have been losing so many battles because they are disorganized and won't function in battle as a team, unlike the Autobots. Thrust's "insulting" comment angers Megatron, but then, after some more convincing by Thrust, Megatron decides that maybe they could use some change in the way things are run. Thrust states that another problem must be taken care of first, looks at Sideways, and then walks out of the room. Following the clip a giant ship is shown briefly in flying through space. The Autobots are shown again at their base. Scavenger, Hot Shot, and Optimus Prime are all assisting Red Alert with some modifications with their ship, but seem to be doing everything wrong. Hot Shot suggesting he can't be anymore help goes walking away to see what Jetfire is doing, while Carlos, Alexis, and Rad follow.


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