This article is about the Mini-Con Team. For the Bruticus Maximus combiner team, see Destruction Team.

Bios card destruction


The Destruction Mini-Con Team do not play well with others. Though their destructive capabilities land them in the hands of the Decepticons more often than not, they despise all Bulks, and are fierce in their goal of Mini-Con independence. So fierce that they are willing to sacrifice anyone, even their own, for their goal.

They are also sometimes known as the Road Wrecker Team.

The Destruction Mini-Con Team is composed of...

  • Buzzsaw the bucket-wheel excavator.
  • Dualor the Gepard anti-aircraft tank.



  • Destruction Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-04
  • 'Sandstorm and Cannon with Destruction Micron
Japanese ID number: MS-04
  • Destruction Microns X-Dimension (Basic, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-09
  • Road Wrecker Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2003)



  • A team of miscolored Mini-Cons based on the Destruction Team in the first two issues of Dreamwave's Armada comic is apparently not the real Destruction Team; this trio was left behind on Cybertron when everyone else escaped, and never seen again.
  • Simon Furman has said that it can be assumed that Megatron strapped Dualor and the Destruction Team to a rocket and fired them into the sun, in regards to their ambiguous fate in the Armada comic.
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