This article is about a piece of technology. For the sub-faction, see Destructicon.

A Destructicon chip creates the perfect double agent. Remove an Autobot's memory chip, and replace it with a Destructicon chip, creating an agent who is all Autobot on the outside, but has the cunning mind of a Decepticon.


After Buzzsaw dismembered Beachcomber, Megatron ordered the Constructicons to reassemble him, with an evil Destructicon chip in place of his memory unit, then send him back to Autobot Headquarters.

The Constructicons were unable to tell the two chips apart, and accidentally reinstalled the original in Beachcomber, letting him return to Decepticon Headquarters. Optimus Prime is delighted at this double double-agent, and plans to use him to feed the Decepticons false information. Earthquake

This was one ending in a multipath adventure.


  • Megatron planned to reprogram Optimus Prime in a similar fashion, a threat he also made in the subsequent book in this series, Desert Flight.
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