Destroyers are a designation featured in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. As a Destroyer, you are the siege engine of your team. Everything you touch explodes, and sometimes the explosions explode. Destroyers are average in size, speed, and health. They transform into trucks, and sometimes trucks with legs and dorsal plates.


The Destroyer is essentially Fall of Cybertron's Leader class, but has received a massive overhaul. While the Leader had a mix of weaponry, the Destroyer is fitted entirely with explosive ordnance. The team-buffing abilities have also been removed.

Body Types

Six body types were available with the game initially, with two unlocked from the get-go and the rest available by spending Energon shards. The heads, chest/vehicle, shoulders, arms, legs, and wheels were interchangeable. The initial bodies were:

  • Harbinger (Swindle)
  • Striker (Optimus Prime)
  • Mercenary (Ratchet)
  • Commando (Ironhide)
  • Warmonger (Soundwave)
  • Road Brawler (Onslaught)

Several bonus heads could be added on by attaining certain levels. They were:

  • Rampage (Snarl beast head, unlocked at level 25)
  • Omega (Bruticus, unlocked at Prime)
  • Parasite (Kickback insect head, unlocked at Prime level 25)
  • Elite (Optimus Prime with a crown, unlocked by reaching Prime 25 with every class)

Later, downloadable content could be purchased that added more body types. So far, they've been:

  • Battle Seeker (Zeta Prime)
  • Convoy (Ultra Magnus)
  • Stampede (Snarl; wheels can't be altered with this type)
  • Throwback (G1 Optimus Prime; Also available as a pre-order bonus from Gamestop)
  • Gladiator (Hound)

Finally, each class could apply a variety of faction symbols (called "decals"). Each set cost 400 Energon shards, and many contained references to past Transformers subgroups. They were: Targetmasters; Lightning Strikeforce; Warchargers; Astro Squad; Protectobots; Energo Squad; Battle Squad; Lazer Rods.


Each class in FOC was able to equip a primary and secondary firearm, and each had four to choose from. Two would be unlocked to begin with, and the rest became available as levels were gained. Each weapon upgrades that could be added by gaining levels. The Destroyer had access to:

  • Riot Cannon
  • Thermo Rocket Cannon
  • A-4 Pulsar Cannon
  • Chaos-Rift Combustor


Each class had access to two different abilities and could equip one at a time. The second ability, as well as various upgrades, could be unlocked by gaining experience. The Destroyer could use:

  • Diffraction Barrier - A stationary forcefield. Could be withdrawn by pressing the ability button.
  • Hover Slam - An upgrade to the Soldier's Hover ability from War for Cybertron, now with the ability to smash enemies below with one's body.
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