Meet your doom!

That ripple in your glass of water isn't a Tyrannosaurus Rex, it's a Destroyer, the largest and most powerful soldier unit in either faction's army. With their gigantic tank modes, and powerful weapons at their disposal, they are the most formidable opponent in any battlefield during the Great War.

They can only be defeated if the player keeps firing at it while taking cover.


Transformers: War for Cybertron

Standing somewhere between Megatron and Omega Supreme in terms of mass, Destroyers usually start out in their gigantic tank modes, raining rapid cannon fire down on their foes. In this mode, their weakness comes from a rear-mounted fuel cell that must be properly targeted.

After the fuel cell is destroyed, the battle hardly improves as the Destroyers convert into a towering robot mode. In this state, they will activate an EM Pulse to soften you and then melt you with a continuous laser beam. Robot-mode Destroyers have no particular weakness: as they take damage, portions of their armor will fall off, reducing their mass over time and sustained firepower. Just blast away and pray that you'll survive!

Destroyers appear in both factional campaigns, luckily in small numbers. Several confronted Megatron and the Decepticons in their search for the Omega Key, and after Omega Supreme became operational. Megatron later co-opted the Destroyer body-type for his own troops, as a few Decepticon Destroyers opposed Optimus Prime as he sought to rescue Omega Supreme in a later campaign, and during the Aerialbots' raid on Trypticon Station

(Tank Mode)

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

When Megatron assaulted the Ark, he brought a sizable amount of Destroyers with him. In tank form, they attempted to destroy the ship's fueling station. However, Optimus Prime destroyed several of them with the recently activated Neutron gun. Later, they proved insufficient to the might of Metroplex.


  • In Escalation mode, Destroyers are called Tanks. They begin to appear on most maps regularly at Wave 15, though the "Pulse" map features about three within the first few waves alone!
  • When using their rapid-fire Nucleon Shock Cannon attack Destroyers seem to retract their heads half way.
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